Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My sweet '16' mom

My mom turns 61 today. Happy Birthday Ma... Alhamdulillah for your good health & InsyaAllah, is bestowed with great happiness & even better health for the years to come... Amin.

I am very grateful for the bond I have with my mom. Not everyone is granted with such closeness. We can get along very well except in the kitchen I think... Both of us prefer to have the kitchen only to oneself. After all isn't it 'Too many cooks spoil the soup' ? ;-)

In fact, she is closed to both her girls, my sis & I. Since she is not really a savvy mom, we rely so much on the phones. Thanks to TM for introducing the convenient package. My daily calls to my mom are free, unlimited (of course I still need to pay a flat rate of RM68... monthly). I don't work, she has retired. Two homemakers catching up almost daily whereabouts (ok, can't lie! latest gossips too..) with each other. The thing is, I enjoy it. Some might not agree with me. But my mom is unique in her own way. She doesn't get involved with my marriage & family. Not possessive & always reminding me to discuss matters with HB first whenever we make plans for something. She never decides for us. Never! According to her, once we're married, we're on our own. She is a phone call away if we ever need a favour. I hope I'm capable enough not to be nosy with the girls when they have their own family! :-D

It is a routine for her & my dad to come over for lunch every Wednesday. Also the day I can take time off ferrying the girls around. They will fetch Yasmin & Balqis from school & send off Wardah. Definitely, the girls always look forward for Wednesdays.

Since today is Wednesday, she came over for lunch. We presented her a homemade birthday card & also her gift. I did not bake a cake this time. She is now rather concerned over her sugar level.

OK, I just have to add this here. At first, I got her a blouse. Of course, I did not try it out when I bought. It was meant for her, so I simply guessed the size. At home, I of course just had to give it a try & guess what? I could fit in!!! Hey! I thought the blouse was big for me which definitely could fit my mom... but it fits me instead. Now, if I manage to wear the gift that I bought for her, it implies that:
A- I am pleasingly plump.
B- My mom is attractively petite.
C- We are both moms & now we share the same size?

Hahaha... Ma, once again Happy Birthday! We love you...!


Yatie_T said...

Happy 61st birthday to your mom, Jabishah. From what I read, she's a great mom and it is hard to find a mom who won't interfere with your marriage. My mom is also the same way and I can't wait to see her soon. I plan to come back for a visit soon.
p/s: love the airplane's cake, nobody knows you forgot the tail from your picture. hehehe, who want to eat the tail any way. :)

MAMAMIA said...

Semoga Panjang Umur buat your Mom. Happy Bday Sweet 16!!!

Akak pulak bila dah kahwin & with kids on my own, baru bertambah rapat dgn mak. Dia jadi tempat rujukan. Like your mom, she doesn't interfere with the way we run our family.

lizamurni said...

Send my warmest regards to your mom...Happy Birthday, Aunty!!!
Every morning your mom and my mom would meet each other at the surau and guess what (in case you are not aware of this...), they actually gossip about us all the time....hahahaha.....and whenever I go to my mom's place, she would start reporting to me about you.....hahahaha.....

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Ja.. eh.. sama nama pulak..he..he.. Kak Ja juz flew in from wanshana's blog.... so salam perkenalan..

Happy 61st birthday to your mom... My mom's gonna be 66 in August... how time flies kan.. Felt like it was yesterday when she combed my hair and tied it into ponytails...

I also make it a point to call my mom in Kedah everyday if possible. Kalau bz sesangat pun I'd still call her to say hi. Tu orang kata.. makin tua, makin sayang kan? Especially now when we have our own kids, we appreciate our moms more... :)

p/s -I link your blog to mine ...:)

wanshana said...

Happy Birthday, and Many Happy Returns of the Day, to your Mom :)

It's the opposite with my Mom when it comes to clothes/blouses, etc. I would be VERY happy if I could fit in her bajus! But,'s wishful thinking la kot...Hahaha!
She's a very petite lady :)

jabishah said...

Hello Yatie,
Thank you so much. We are definitely lucky. Not all are as fortunate as us. I bet you really look forward in meeting your mom. I can't picture myself not seeing my mom for months... Take care now.

ps- I showed your comment to HB. It's true right? Who would want to eat the tail. In fact, the 2 wings are still resting in the fridge tho cake dah selamat.. ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi Mamamia,
Thank you. I'm sure she appreciates that. True what you wrote. Hope that I hv the same good relationship with my girls in the future.

jabishah said...

Dikny darling,
Hahaha! I just talked to my mom to confirm. Hehehe... It happened that your mom missed her jemaah subuh at surau yesterday & according to my mom... "Pagi-pagi Dikny dah hanta anak dia.." Hihihi...

ps- we might be like that in like 30yrs frm now? ;-)

U.Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, a belated many happy returns of the day to your mom. She's very pretty too and looks more 50's too. certainly have one real devastating beautiful smile.
Holy Smoke..that Hollywood white teeth smile can light up a city block!
Hope I'm not driving if see you and you senyum like that.
Habis cherita...tentu have an affair with the back of a bus, ha ha.
Hold that smile, Jabishah....I would swim across crocodile infested sungei if see a smile like yours. Ha ha. Lee.

jabishah said...

Hello Kak Ja,
Tx for dropping by. Thank you for the wish. I can't agree more... "makin tua, makin sayang";-)
Take care.

jabishah said...

Hi kak shana,
Tx for the wish too. So, when was the last time you borrowed her caftan? ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi Uncle Lee,
Hahaha... you never fail to make me laugh. Tx for the wish! My friends used to call it "Colgate smile"... ;-)
Have a nice day.

a&a'smom said...

HAPPY BLATED BDAY TO UR MOM! Wishing her good health always

jabishah said...

Hi a&a's mom,
Thank you so much. Hugs to both your a&a. Take care...

MrsNordin said...

I exchanged bajus with my mum all the time! We are about the same size, except that she's taller. I do that too with my stepdaughters. We all are of the same size and height! So, don't feel bad about it. Enjoy it!

Btw, Happy Birthday to your mum!

jabishah said...

True what you wrote. I might as well take it positively despite the xtra pounds.. ;-) Thanks for the wish, she will definitely appreciates it.