Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yasmin, Wardah & Taekwondo

I'm not sure whether you're aware or not. This blog of mine is not entirely about my life but unmistakably focusing more on my beautiful girls. Hey after all, ain't them my LIFE?

Did I ever tell you that Yasmin & Wardah were in Taekwondo? I think no. Well, they are. My utmost reason for enrolling them is the fact that they need to know at least one sort of self-defense besides screaming which they have a Master's in.

They started early. I registered Yasmin when she was 6. This is the history to it... The difference in age of Yasmin & Wardah is merely 1yr & 10mth. Then, Wardah was a chubby, plump toddler whereas Yasmin was & even still is scraggy & boney. Yasmin being a big sis always gave in to her little sis. Name it.. from toys to food, almost everything. And when things did not go her ways, Wardah would never hesitate to hit her sis. It happened not once, not twice but many many times. What do you think was Yasmin's self-defense? Yup! Screaming & crying for mama..

I did not have a helper then. Still remember me making countless climbs upstairs to either their playroom or their bedroom. (Hmm... no wonder then I was slim & fit!) In the end, I got tired of scolding Wardah, instead I scolded Yasmin & I, shamefully gave her this piece of advice. "Next time, if Wardah hits you... you hit her back!".

She obediently followed what I suggested. But..... I was speechless when I saw my Yasmin could not even aim to the object (which was Wardah..) she was to hit. Kept on missing her target. Not sure whether she did that purposely, but seriously... I was pissed. OK sue me! You won't believe what I did. I actually held Wardah for Yasmin to hit. Well, her hand did land onto Wardah's body but did Wardah scream or at least show some painful sensation? No! Not at all!. I then asked her to hit me instead. And as I thought... it was painless. I even asked Wardah to beat me (OK, I can't lie.. it was quite painful!) as like a demo for Yasmin. She made another attempt & still it was no difference. So, that was the history of how my eldest girl was sent for Taekwondo class. To expose her on martial arts, hoping it would help to defend herself over her own sister!! ;-)

Wardah followed suit when Yasmin obtained her yellow junior belt. By then Yasmin had improved. I'm not really sure was it really Yasmin was getting better in defending herself or was it Wardah finally stopped bullying her sister. Whichever was the consequence, I am very proud with what both Yasmin & Wardah have achieved in Taekwondo.

Quite recently they had their level grading. Yasmin from green senior (5th kup) to blue junior (4th kup). Wardah on the other hand, from yellow senior (7th kup) to green junior (6th kup). Enjoy the pictures that I snapped during the grading.

Master Moi Taekwondo team with their coach, Kim.

Wardah was the youngest in her group. Here are photos of her during the grading. Rather confident, don't you think? But, she was very nervous indeed... ;-)

Yasmin was very careful with her patterns. She even practised at home. I could see that she was determined.


They passed. Well done girls! Each of them with a new colour on their waists.


Shera said...

Ja dear,
Dont u think it's about time that u take up taekwando too? Well, two masters taking on a no-near-amateur can be shameful for u as a mom! U need to self-defend yourself too, and please dont say lidah lagi tajam dari pedang (betul ke ni?)'s definitely a tale from moms' point of view. Hehehe...

PS - Jom sign ourselves least can frighten hubby a bit! Eh, children...hahaha

wanshana said...

Well done, Yasmin and Wardah! :)

Yup, I agree with you. Kids need to know how to defend themselves using at least one martial arts nowadays.

I used to send my kids to taekwondo, too. But, due to their chaotic and packed activities, they've stopped going for the last 1 year or so.

My eldest who's 12y.o. holds a red-black belt (and can only go for the balck belt grading once she turns 15). My second - Yellow 2, while my third - Yellow 1.

Definitely have to re-enroll them for class. But....hmmmm, mana lah nak squeeze in the 2 1/2 hours tu, ya?

U.Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, getting your Angels to take up martial arts is one of the best presents you can give your sure will save you one worry when they grow older.
You can bet ta'orang kachow them if they know what's ggod for them, ha ha.
When I was young, beginning learned from my father Chinese Kung Fu, as he himself had learned when he was younf from a sifu from China.
Then I did abit of Tae kwan do, but took shortcut, only learned the offence and defence, not mastering the various katas.
Then much later had a friend who was a Thai 'muy thai' boxer giving lessons to police field force...and he taught me for two years..should see my body, blue black kena pukul, ha ha.
Anyway, I learned so can get away from jealous boyfriends, ha ha.
Ada senang drop by, Lee.

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Congratulations to your angels! Best kan tengok anak-anak dara defending themselves...

Yeah, sometimes you have to choose the things the children should involve with. Kalau packed sangat activities kesian pulak ...

My Hanna, Hasya and Haifa just got their Yellow2. Kat taekwondo class oklah, tapi sampai rumah pun dok continue kaki naik ke kepala... susah jugak tu...

jabishah said...

Hi Shera,
Me taking Taekwondo? Hahaha... but I took up Silat Cekak in PPP. It was more to peer's influence (peanut..) sort of had a crush on 1 of the instructors! Giler kelakar...
But come to think of it , why not eh? The truth is am not looking forward to the practice but more to the 'ME time' away frm my kids ;-)
ps- I selalu guna "Syurga bwh kaki ibu" thingy to the elder girls... sure mama menang punyalah. Hehehe!

jabishah said...

Hi Kak Shana,
Tx. I agree with you too. Even though at the beginning, both of my girls were not really keen with taekwondo. But now they look forward to every monday night.
The girls used to be so packed too with activities. Now, I'm sort of taking a break. Am quite free during wkends. Have to cut out a few due to Nadeen is still bf.
Glad that they are done with swimming. The wait was so like forever. I chose to be there because I know how overexcited Wardah can be in the water!
You have a good wkend Kak Shana.
ps- Will blog about ice skating one of these days. I've stopped send ing them for class but will make an effort of a fortnightly activity ;-)

jabishah said...

Hello Uncle Lee,
Wow, I'm impressed. Not only that I like men with heights but also men who know a bit of martial arts ;-) Hahaha...
At their young age, the girls do not understand what it means by self-defense. I really do not want to corrupt their mind with what's happening out there. The crime level in Msia is horridly increasing. I'm pretty sure you do keep track. What more me with not 1 or 2 daughters but 4.
Take care now.
ps-HB has the height & he once took up silat & taekwondo too ;-)

jabishah said...

Kak Ja,
Tx & hugs to your Hanna, Hasya & Haifa. They must be so proud of themselves. My girls do not really berkaki naik kepala at home. That's because Yasmin rather be with her books & Wardah is too busy playing Barbie dolls with Balqis (my 3rd girl)... hehehe.
Enjoy your wkend.
ps- you know, at first I was quite confused with your children's name. I think Kak Shana has a Hanna & a Hasya too... Ke I silap? ;-)

a&a'smom said...

Wah & well done to ur lovely girls!

jabishah said...

Thanks Sheela! Mmuuuahs..

FaEzHussain said...


Read tru the whole page of ur blog today. Wow, best ek?

My life, has is more choatic since I got tru the exam. Tot I can slide smoothly until final year in 2011.. but no, no. It got worse for now. I hope it'll get better, as I become more pandai in seeing things under the microscope.

I think I'll sign up the kids for teakwando also, one day perhaps.