Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Wishing all fathers & fathers-to-be a "Happy Father's Day!". I smsed both my dad & FIL early this morning. HB? Well, he left the house at 0730... for work. Working even on the day to appreciate him as a dad.

The girls woke up but didn't complain much about HB already on his way to work. They had been informed last night. Normally, they would fuss over breakfast in bed. A tradition on Mother's & Father's Day. It's their way to remind us that it is the day we are to relax & let them worry about breakfast. How sweet.. don't you think?

Knowing that HB would be home in the afternoon, I planned something for the girls to surprise their papa. I baked a cake right after he left. I thought of letting the girls had fun decorating a Father's Day cake...

They sure did have fun. I ran out of butter & was too lazy to drive out. An instant fondant icing packet was our savior. We decided to make an aeroplane cake. In the end, we presented HB with according to the girls, a clown aeroplane cake... hahaha! As Yasmin put it, "A train, a truck & an aeroplane..". It did look look like Thomas though. You know that blue train...

The girls & their cake

Yasmin still insisted to make some jelly for HB. Ever since she started learning making jelly (blogged about it here), HB bought her a packet of instant mix jelly which had been hibernating somewhere in the shelf. She knew about it & prepared that especially for HB.

It is a norm for HB to ring me up when he was approaching home. And he did today at 3pm & upon hearing papa was coming home, the girls scattered looking for a hiding place. The funny thing was all of them hid behind the same curtain. I was supposed to give the cue (little did I know what was going to happen) & once I did, the girls one by one from Yasmin to Balqis emerged shouting "Happy", "Father's", "Day". Nadeen was upstairs napping. They then presented HB with the cake. HB was surprised I could see. The girls all of them simultaneously started telling him how they went about decorating the cake. He took a slice of the cake & asked "Where's the tail?" Do aeroplanes have tails? Hahaha..! Sorry for not notocing. To us the important part of a plane must be the wings... hehehe!

After a slice of cake & a big scoop of Yasmin's jelly, HB surrendered in bed. He sort of promised the girls that if he had ample sleep, he would take them out for a movie. That's one thing about this man I married. Always putting his girls first. I told him the other day to take the girls for a jog or do a little hiking. Those are the things that he loves to do. So, thought of spending the time together his way. Instead, he suggested to take them out to watch "Kungfu Panda".

Exactly at 5pm, Wardah either woke HB up or he happened to be awake, asked her papa whether he was still tired. She was too eager to catch the movie. I was downstairs feeding Nadeen when Wardah annouced "We are going out now... papa suruh get ready!" I checked on him. He confessed that he was still a little bit tired but how could he say No to the request. Now I remember why I married him! ;-)

The show was at 1745. We managed to get there 10 mins before. Unfortunately, tickets were all sold out including at 7pm. Wow! We have to come again another time & this movie better be good!! Grabbed some books instead. I am now have picked up reading again. Will blog about this soon.

The girls asked HB to choose a place to eat. Of course, instead of him choosing, he let them tell him what they preferred to eat. They somehow bumped into this girl in red hair promoting Wendy's. But before we reached Wendy's, Yasmin saw her favourite Kenny Rogers. End of search. We did enjoy today...

Happy Father's Day!


U.Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.
And you sure have a million dollar husband.
And he has five beautiful girls who love him.
Reading your this posting makes me feel warm
Thank you.
Have a great time with your family, Lee.

papa said...

thank you, you too :)

p/s: please make sure the aeroplane has its vertical stabilizer next time ok...otherwise it won't fly... no, it will fly but won't be controllable...hehehe

jabishah said...

Thanks Uncle Lee,
They are after all my LIFE...

ps - Uncle, not a million dollar. He's my 6 million dollar man... hehehe! My Lee Majors! Hahaha!

jabishah said...

You most welcome! Hmm... vertical stabilizer? Noted! I believe that's what we, non-flyers call the tail? Hahaha...


wanshana said...

Sounds like everybody had a fun day yesterday. And that's the cutest clown aeroplane cake I've seen ever!

It really warmed my heart looking at their beaming faces beside their masterpiece :)

The girls must have been so excited waiting for your HB to reach home in the afternoon. Nasib baik tak runtuh curtains...Hehehe!

jabishah said...

Hi kak shana,
They had fun alright.. but the chaos to come out with their masterpiece was out of this world! Hahaha...
I have to agree abt the pic though. Another priceless moment!
Take care..

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi there! we saw Kungfu Panda on father's day- wihtout the father who was in Bangkok (but we did think of him lah...heheh)- it was GREAT!!!!

jabishah said...

Hello Superwoman,
OK, that's it. This wkend will give it another try! Even the girls' friends at school hv been telling them how funny & hilarious "Kungfu Panda" is.
Take care now.

Shera said...

Dear Ja,
How sweet can they be...and yup, the plane looks more like Thomas though. Guess Jemir has to switch his job now, hahaha! Hats off to u bcoz without a mom like u, this Father's Day of yours would be impossible... Sad to say, mine didnt go really well, u know. Big fight....sob sob.

U.Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, ada tu aeroplane cake lagi? Saya datang minum kopi. Ha ha. Lee.

jabishah said...

Shera Darling,
Tx. It's rather surprising right with what we can do just to make our kids happy.
Take it easy. Hope things are good now. Take care.

jabishah said...

Ooops Uncle.. just finished up the last piece. But for you I can bake another or do you prefer donuts?
Have a nice day.