Thursday, March 1, 2007

My little princess in playschool...

It was difficult still I had to let go. It is very selfish of me to refuse the process of her growing up. She can't be my little princess forever. Sooner or later I have to present her the wings, I've been dragging to give. This is the first step of a new beginning in her life. I am not regretting but am proud of my little princess, Balqis.

Balqis was exactly 2 years & 3 months last Friday. That is of course a suitable age for her to be introduced to her peer groups, teachers & an institution called playschool. Being as particular as I am... the basic foundation of schooling is very important to me. At 2, Balqis absorbs new information multiplicity times better than her mother. Of course, I do not want that to come to waste. Hence, we (hubby & I) decided to send her to a playschool.

We always start with the girls' education early. Sure, it is not an exceptional for Balqis too. However, the problem was the playschool. A lot to choose from but a fussy mother like me, all might not be up to what I expect for my Balqis. The kindergarten that I used to send my other girls, Yasmin & Wardah is quite far. Knowing that many new kindergartens that offer playschool are available, we agreed to opt for one that is nearer. After browsing through the internet & also meeting the principals personally, we were satisfied with one kindergarten. New, with an established teaching programme. Unfortunately, the principal did not allow free trial. We had to pay for at least the registration fee which was RM100 & I purchased a set of uniform, RM25 as not to make Balqis felt left out.

The first day was surprisingly good. She managed to settle down easily. Cried a little though, just because her teacher shut the classroom door. Maybe the feelings of insecure was a little bit in her. Even made friend with a girl named Melody. I saw both of them holding hands playing together. It broke my heart to see how easy I was being replaced...

Balqis having breakfast before school.

Balqis posing with her new uniform.

The second day, I was again nervous with Balqis's response to school. Well... I worried for nothing. She was in fact looking forward. Smiling away when we stopped in front of the kindergarten. We were 15 minutes early & there was only 1 teacher handling like almost 10 children. I did not like that. Especially when the children were left alone indoor. The teacher had to greet the other children who just arrived outside the kindergarten compound.

I did not leave. I chose to stay with Balqis. It seemed that 1 teacher was on medical leave. The second teacher arrived at 840am whereas school should have started 10 minutes earlier. To make things worse, the principal, herself was nowhere to be seen.

I rang her up. She gave me the excuse that I was aware of. A teacher was absent. But what I did not understand was her going to a seminar. Yes, she was on her way to a seminar but had to turn back due to the absence. I told her that she needed teachers' assistants. Obviously, the kindergarten lacked of manpower.

Hubby & I discussed this matter over breakfast. I was not happy. We had no choice but to call the principal to our older girls' kindergarten. She had no problem at all accepting Balqis. Even though further, at least I can leave my daughter without having doubts.

At 930am we took Balqis from her first kindergarten & brought her to the other kindergarten that her sisters used to go. She was familiar with that place. But she still needed me around. I managed to sneak though & she settled down well with her new teacher & friends. Fooh.....

Today, when I sent her to her new kindergarten, she was confused. She mentioned that it was a wrong kindergarten. I discussed this matter with her teacher. Whether this would affect her psychologically. The teacher said that she was too young to get affected. I really hope so. She cried when I left. Was hard for me to leave but the teacher insisted. Later when I fetched her, she was swimming in the pool. She saw me & smiled but did not cry. I will let you know about her progress tomorrow.

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