Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Biking Adventure

It's a whole week holiday for my girls. Chinese New Year holidays. But I'm pretty sure that they have to replace the classes on Saturdays. Well, school is never a problem... neither to Yasmin nor Wardah.

Hubby did not get a long leave, as usual. Two days was good enough for us. We spent the two days in Klang, hubby's hometown. The girls of course had been looking forward.

Wardah had a surprise gift awaited her in Klang. It was a brand new LeRun bicycle, a belated birthday gift I assume from the grandparents. She just graduated cycling & recently got rid off her two training wheels.

Wardah with her new bicycle.

Yasmin posing with her bicycle.

In Klang the relatives stay closed by. This means all extended families are just a shout away. Let me make it vivid to you. All houses are in one same big lot, that is lot 524. First house is my parent in-laws', next to theirs, their youngest sister & there are three more houses occupying the same lot at the back. So it is one huge area. A very strategic place for my girls brushing up their cycling.

Normally Wardah would be the hindrance for Yasmin to explore biking until the end of the lot. She was always calling out "Kak Yamin, Kak Yamin... wait for me...!", with her small bike & the irritating sounds of her training wheels. But now just look at them, cycling together.

Balqis, of course didn't want to miss the fun. She inherited Yasmin's small old bike. Poor girl... but she liked the bicycle so much. The only problem was that she lacked of practice in cycling. So her bike was only static. Unlike cousin Hadi, with his broad, massive feet cycling away hilariously :-D. Hubby however, solved this problem. After tired pushing Balqis's bike, he put Balqis onto Hadi's bicycle carrier. Hadi didn't complain but by looking at his expression, he prefered Balqis off bike!

The girls sure did have a great time. Too bad I didn't have my bike with me...


Leen said...

Hey congrats! Finally, you got yourself a pretty cool blog.Lawan taukey nih. Haha. Thumbs up dear! (Now my only problem is the font is rather too small...hehehe)

Anyway, luv with what you did. Seronok baca. Keep up posting ya.
My love to the girls.

:-) Leen

ps: so now you know, even I don't call, I do keep up with your life :-)

jabishah said...

Ty Ty. Font kecil pasal your nb kecil. Cuba baca kat monitor desktop... ;-)

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