Saturday, February 17, 2007

Yasmin's 8th & Wardah's 6th Birthday Party

Last Saturday, my two older girls celebrated their birthday party together at McDonald's Restaurant, Equine Park. No... they don't share the same birth date, not even born in the same month. Yasmin's is on March the 9th & Wardah's is on January the 1st. It's just that we normally have their party together in February ;-)

It was the first time they celebrated at McD's. Normally, we host the party at home. To those who attended, thank you very much. The girls really loved the gifts. Hope your children enjoyed the party.

Wardah's doll cake. She was proud of her cake. It was worth the trouble decorating it for almost 2 hours.

This is Yasmin's. Kim Possible roller skating. By the way, it's her 8th birthday...

The host & hostes
s - HB & I.

Balqis hugging Birdie. At first, she was scared of the mascot but after a while she was hugging the bird.

Yasmin & Wardah, the birthday gi

A big hug from Bi

Thank you Birdie for coming! Yasmin & her gift from Birdie.

Some of the foods. Prosperity Foldovers did not last long on the table.

Some of the gifts.

Busy unwrapping the gifts. Balqis was more excited than her sisters.

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Landy said...

Wow, I'm new to blogs. New to this site. Your blog was the first I was able to read. Good for you. You have a lovely family. Thank you for sharing birthday cakes and pictures.
Well done. You have a passion for your family and it shows.