Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sushi King, IOI Mall

I have always love to dine at Sushi King. Love the soba, tempura & yummy sushies... I used to go out only with hubby. The girls then were too small to appreciate this Japanese cuisine. Now, we go there quite frequent. Yasmin & Wardah, each one has their regular order. Balqis simply eats anything served in front of her.

Why do we opt for the one in IOI? It's merely because it is convenient. We stay in Puchong. Furthermore, the outlet in Tesco is rather too small for our family of 5. Here are the photos taken at the restaurant recently. Sorry that some of the images are a little bit blur.

Yasmin attacking her shrimp sushi. Well, I don't remember what it's called but this is a must in her menu.

This is Wardah's & my favourite. Seasoned baby octopus...(chuka iidako) Oooo... I'm drooling already. Look at the way Wardah holding the tiny octopus :-D

Balqis grabbed this from the carousel. It tasted like fish. Something like fish nugget I assume.

Look at Balqis eyeing on the foods. Just cannot decide on which one to eat!

Hubby's favourite green soy beans (edamame) & fish teriyaki (saba teriyaki) .

Here's my first ever eating udon. It was always soba for me. Udon was not that bad. Didn't really like the elastic texture. But the soup was really delicious.

Looking at this soba reminds me of my favourite Japanese Soba at Secret Recipe. Ummmp... how about that for dinner???

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