Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dusit Thai, Sunway Pyramid

We went to visit my parent in-laws in Klang on Monday. Wanted to take them to the seafood restaurant in Port Klang. However, both my brother & sister in-law had another place in mind. So instead of dining at Port Klang we drove further up to Sunway Pyramid.

My brother in-law family was around too. It was altogether a party of 10 adults, 3 children & 2 toddlers. We had to pass on the round tables. Opted for long tables. I think it was 3 tables joint together.

I am not really a big fan of steamboat. But the restaurant really had varieties choices of steamboat. Too bad did not get the permission to shoot.

For those who are not familiar with steamboat dining, this is the big cooker with 2 partitions normally used for steaming (well, it's rather boiling to me, because most of the time we forgot to cover the pot).Two different types of soup poured onto each partition. One was obviously the famous tom yam in Thai cuisine & another I think was chicken soup. Raw foods like, squids, shrimps, fish, chicken, beef, crab you name it including processed foods like fish cakes & chicken balls were boiled inside the soup desired. Once cooked, it was deliciously eaten with the special sauce. I prefer the sauce hot with little bit of sweetness. The sauce provided in the restaurant did not really agree to my tongue.

Here is HB helping himself to the yummy delicacies in the pot

Here was what he found...

Wardah eating the noodle which was also steamed in the pot

Balqis was busy with her coconut drink instead of the food

If you ask me the food there was merely okay.No doubt of the freshness. Steamboat is just not my cup of tea!

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