Tuesday, February 6, 2007

House of Sundanese Food, KLCC

It has been quite a while since we last gone back to my parents'. The last time we did was somewhere in early December. In fact, we did'nt have the chance to meet my other siblings & family due to the clashes of weekends. Anyhow, last week my brother agreed to go back & hubby was off duty. I being the 'bossy sister", suggested (in my dictionary it's another word for order) my younger sister to come down to KL all the way from Seremban. As usual she always says yes... Really have to respect her husband for keeping up with this rare " sister-in-law syndrome ".

Hubby & I plan to take my family for 'jalan- jalan cari makan' (dine out). At first we wanted to dine at Restoran Sri Melayu, Jalan Conlay, KL. Upon finding out that the restaurant does not offer ala carte dining, I decided to change the venue. We agreed on a restaurant at KLCC, House of Sundanese Food. Frankly, we have never eaten at the restaurant before. But we had tasted Sundanese food when we were in Bali. I hoped the food in the restaurant was as delicious as the food we had in Bali.

Made reservation for 8 adults & 6 children. Non-smoking definitely. It was a very cozy place despite competing with Madam Kwan's & Chakri Palace. Hubby & I made the orders. Ready to be eaten on the tables, some crackers known to us as "keropok malinja". It had a mixture of salty & a little bitter taste. I had never liked eating that cracker but dipping it with their signature chilly sauce made a big difference. The sauce I think is something like our malay sambal belacan but way tastier...

The fish was a hit at our table. So fleshy, so fresh. The BBQ seabass was very tender, not so spicy, not so sweet. I think the secret could be the soy sauce mixture marinated onto the fish.

We also had Ikan Nila Goreng. I had no idea what Ikan Nila was but being fried like that it was so crunchy, with the white flesh awaited to be chewed.The accompanied sauce was really, really superlicious. It looked so simple with merely chopped onions & fresh chillies floating on black sauce.

Another hit is Cumi-cumi Bakar. This was my dad's favourite. ( From the picture, those are his fingers, helping himself first to the dish...) I'm not sure whether cumi-cumi means squid or merely a name to the dish... but that was what we were served, squids. Marinated with the same black sauce, the taste was undescribable delicious. To all seafood lovers, this & the fish are the must try menu.

We also had Sayur Lalap. That's very much like salad but the dressing was super yummy hot! Just look at that...

My favourite without hesitate was fried beancurd with scallops & shrimps as fillings. I really can't remember the name of that dish & didn't even snap a shot of it. But you will not miss that in the menu. It was the only fried beancurd offered.

The BBQ chicken was not really our favourite . Maybe because we were almost full attacking the fish or perhaps my family preferred seafood. So, the next time around I'm omitting the chicken. But looking at the picture it sure looks finger licking good.

The restaurant also offered free refills for their barley drinks. No, it was not instant barley. The fruit juices were sugar free. As I am so used to sugar added drinks, it took me forever to finish up my drink.

My family loved the food & the service. Am definitely going there again. This time I just know what to order. It has to be the seafood & my fried beancurd.

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