Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Here we come...

Have I told you how I hate packing? The idea of doing that & knowing that soon things should be unpacked really is a hassle. But the truth is, Im not used to doing the packing thing. That is one of the few things HB is good at.... I would just choose the clothes to bring, mine & the kids, and he does the excellent job stealing spaces in the luggage bag. Which obviously means, unwrinkled clothing is highly recommended.

Why are we packing? That's right... we are going for a vacation. To Dubai. Well, not really a vacation but more to visiting our dear friends in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Ive never been to the middle east before & have never witnessed a desert in my life. Sounds very hot huh? But it's winter now & heard that the temperature there is about 15 degrees C. That is just perfect...

The girls have been counting days. Ive been praying hard that the trip will be a smooth one. It's not easy travelling with kids. To be exact 2 children & a toddler. Hope things will turn up just fine.
Will update about this trip once Im back. Dubai here we come!!

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