Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Winds Beneath Their Wings!

Last night as I put my three girls to bed, I could see the different characters in each one of them.

Amirah Yasmin the eldest, at 8 has shown her loves of books. Every single night, she will digest herself into her reading. Even how noisy her sisters can be preparing themselves for bed, she would just indulge herself in whatever she is reading.

My second, Amirah Wardah is the most pampered. She is already 6 but would get jealous whenever I show extra affections to either Yasmin or even my little Balqis. In spite of that, she is one of those persons that you have to be extra careful with what you say. She listens, thinks, tries to accept but if the logic is not there... happy elaborating!

Amirah Balqis, though the youngest is very independent. She is only 2 yrs & 2 months but learning things very fast. Always showing her cheeky looks which makes her dimple more prominent.

It feels just like yesterday giving birth to each one of them. Sometimes thinking on how fast they grow, brings this melancholy feelings in me. The day will come when I have to present them their pair of wings to fly. Really hope I will be fully prepared when it arrives. With the close attachment that we have restored, I want nothing in the world but be the winds beneath their very wings.

This blog is about my beautiful life with all the beautiful people in it. I might be the winds beneath the wings but what's the point of the winds if there were no wings to fly with? Now... does that really make sense? Hahaha...


Anonymous said...

great girls raised by great mama. thanks HB

Jim Dandy, Wizard said...

Beautiful photos. I know what you mean ... I have the same problem: IS ANYBODY READING MY BLOG? Register with as many search engines as you can, many are free BUT they want you to sign up for premium service that costs a few dollars a year. So, I don't know if their free service really works. I'll pass along your blog next time I publish. Perhaps you can visit mine...
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