Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Eye On Malaysia

You know how kids are nowadays. They are exposed to lots of media. Now, since my 2 older girls can read, I just can't escape from taking them to new attractions in town. The latest that they have encountered is the giant ferris-wheel at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, K.L in conjunction of Visit Malaysia 2007. My parents' house is quite near to Titiwangsa & Wardah (Ms Demanding) is aware of that. So, during our last visit to my parents' she made hubby promised to take her there. We were rather reluctant knowing that it was a Sunday, the queue is definitely forever & of course the hot weather.

As expected, there were lots of people there. But not all were looking forward to be on top of "Eye On Malaysia". Yes, that's what the ferris-wheel named - Eye On Malaysia. Surprisingly the lines to buy tickets were fortunately not that long. We waited about 10 minutes to buy tickets & another 10 minutes to get inside the gondola. The tickets were RM15 for adults & RM8 for children.

Quite costly I know. But to think positively for the gi
rls, the experience was priceless. How could I say No to these faces? Patiently waiting for their turns.

Now, how would I describe it up there? Frankly, it was a bore. But what would you expect of a ferris-wheel? As a tourist maybe I would appreciate it more. But being born & raised in KL, it was just an okay to me. As for the girls... Wardah was of course excited (she better be!), Yasmin was scared (that was the day she claimed, she was scared of heights) & Balqis was rather puzzled on what was going on (she kept on asking, "apa ni? apa ni?", which meant "what's this?"). This is the best shot of them with cousin Nuryn.

These were taken when we were eventually "eyeing on Malaysia".

(This is not a crack. It was the air conditi
oning water from the gondola on top of us)

The other gondolas right behind

The Eye On Malaysia. Look at the palm tree. Shows how windy it was.

Yasmin & Nurin sharing a drink after the ride.

A clown entertaining the kids at Titiwangsa

Cousin Aiman showing off his new machin
e gun!

On the way home, I was thinking. We really had to thank Wardah for her curiosity. If it was not because of her, we would never take the chance. The "Eye On Malaysia" is offered only for a year. That is this year - Visit Malaysia 2007. But now I'm wondering... who are the target group? I did not see any foreigners. Only us, fellow Malaysians. Perhaps the crowds are better at night with all the colourful fireworks.

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