Monday, February 12, 2007

UAE - Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Hubby's leave at last approved. Even though it was only for 5 days of my girls' school days, I did not hesitate when he suggested us to pay our friends in Abu Dhabi(AUH) a visit. The girls of course did not mind at all. In fact were counting days. The daily questions asked were always anything related to either Dubai or Abu Dhabi :-D
Our flight was at 1235pm. So, the girls did not have to wake up very early. But being excited as they were, they woke up before we did. Here are some of the shots at KLIA.

Did I mention that my youngest girl, Balqis napped on the way to KLIA? She woke up as we were approaching the airport & was indeed very cunningly fresh. I knew, troubles awaited in the plane. Guess these photos tell everything. She just refused to sit down!

And after 4 hours keeping up with her, she finally dozed off zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

We reached Dubai at approximately 630pm local time. Dubai was 4 hours later than Malaysia & at 1030pm Malaysia time, it had past their bedtime. It was quite amazing on how the girls could adapt to the local time there easily. They even followed their friends' bedtime which was really at 2am in Malaysia.

Abu Dhabi was without doubt a beautiful city. It was not as congest
ed as Dubai. Even at my short stay, Dubai welcomed me with its infamous traffic jams. Very much like my hometown, KL. So if you ask me, I prefer Abu Dhabi better than Dubai. These are photos of Abu Dhabi.

Photos in Dubai.

The food was really great. I opted for lamb most of the time. The shish kebab especially was my favourite. Too bad I didn't snap any picture of the foods. It didn't last that long on the plate... Shopping wise was heaven. Must be my lucky day. We were there in winter with moderate cool weather & also during winter sale! The sale there was really, really a sale. Bought a lot of clothes for the girls. Shopped till I dropped! You know what I mean... Too bad hubby was around to hinder.

Dubai of course was a better place to shop. We went to MOE - Mall
of Emirates. The mall was huge. You could get almost anything in one roof, even skiing. No, not skiing attires but skiing itself indoor. Ski Dubai. We did not enter because Balqis was not allowed due to age restriction. Here are the girls admiring Ski Dubai from a window glass in the mall.

We will definitely go there again. Perhaps when Balqis is more independent. So, I can indulge myself more in shopping ;-) I knew that 5 days were not enough for the trip plus 2 travelling days. We only spent exactly 2 & a half days & 2 nights in Abu Dhabi. Really have to thank our friends Razmyn & Eileen & also their kids, Fatin, Nurin & Adam for their excellent hospitality. We will be back!!

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Waterlily said...

Hi Ja

I was browsing thru your blog and noticed this posting.

Hey, where are you now actually? I saw Aileen in one of the photos. You know her too?

Wowwww...its a small world indeed.