Thursday, March 8, 2007

Mamak Bistro, USJ 9

Even after like almost 16 years, I am still in contacts with my high school buddies. Recently, we had another small gathering at our regular hangout - Mamak Bistro. On how the place became our rendezvous, it's got to be our favourite menu.This cafe serves the best tandoori chicken & cheese nan in town.

The grilled chicken is not dry. The texture is smooth& juicy. Plus the tandoori paste is just perfect. Not too spicy.

Here is the cheese nan. Most places merely put the cheese onto the nan bread. This will look something like plain pizza with cheese. What I like about the cheese nan here is how the cheese is hidden inside the nan. So, the cheesy taste is preserved inside.

We really had a great time there. Besides the food is of course the company. I always look forward to hang out with them. Telling our school years tales & sharing jokes. Those are like the best remedy to a stay at home mother like me. A chance to socialize & have fun without the kids.

These are some of my good friends hanging out at Mamak Bistro.

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