Friday, March 2, 2007

Just look at her!

Look at her! She's all grown up. My... I feel old :-)

Here is Balqis having breakfast.

Showing off her baby bop bag.

Balqis in her uniform. The skirt is hers but the T is a hand-me-down from Wardah. The kindergarten runs out of stock for size S. That cheeky look will bring troubles in school ;-)

According to her teacher, she cried on & off for almost half an hour yesterday. That was difficult to believe. I reached the kindergarten early & found her swimming with an instructor in the pool. She was having so much fun... Too bad, I left my camera at home!

Today, she again cried. Not for long though. Still hard to part from me... Come to think of it, she does that too whenever I go out & leave her at home. Could it be just her dramatic tears? Mmmm.... But she was happy telling me about school. She did hand painting & played at the playground. I'm glad I made the right decision of changing her kindergarten. I'm happy but Balqis is happier.



Give her my love. May God bless her .
I have a granddaughter Tanya who is in 3 rd Std, Aditya in play school and Navya who is just 8 months.

Lian said...

Aiyoh, comelnya. That usually means trouble for Mommy :)

Shades Within You said...

God Bless her. Thank you for stopping by Shades Within You. We do share the same layout. Remember you are never old just getting younger.