Thursday, March 8, 2007

My Yasmin

I realize that I seldom write about my eldest daughter, Yasmin. She is not as witty as Wardah. Neither is she as self-assured as Balqis. She has her special character of being considerate & very sympathetic to others.

Perhaps, it is due to her being the eldest. In fact at 1 year & 10 months, she had learned sharing her mama & papa with her little sister. She is easy to tackle. Hardly giving problems. A little bit hot-tempered but not for long. She cools down real fast.

Tomorrow, March 9th is her 8th birthday. It is always a norm for me to bake a special cake for each one of my girls. This morning I asked her what cake she wanted me to bake. She replied that she didn't want to trouble me with baking her cake. (Obviously she is aware of my tight daily schedule taxing the girls around to school). Instead, she suggested that I bought a small cake for her if I really wanted her birthday to be special.

That was so sweet of her. Don't you think?

I am going out with her tomorrow to get the cake. I'm sure she will be happy to pick her own cake. As for her present, she knew what she's getting. She wanted a microscope. Am I glad that she passed the Barbie era! :-D


leen said...

Wow...dah besar panjang anak dara you sorang ni, Ja.

How time flies huh? Rasa macam baru je lagi, Shake, Hasnul and I went to your parent's place, visiting your first newborn.

Looking at her photo, I'm sure she will break many hearts soon. You have a pretty daughter there :-) My belated birthday wishes to her yeah.

jabishah said...

Ye lah... I remember the 3 of you came visiting us. Believe it, dah 8 tahun! Lama tu...