Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 1 - Hong Kong City

We checked out early. Right after our breakfast - instant cream soup dipped with bread from home. Planned to go to the city & right after that the place the girls had been dreaming to go, the DL.

The elder girls babysitting the younger girls whilst HB & were busy packing up our belongings.

Balqis & Yasmin at the airport hotel lobby.

We took the MTR to the city. The ticket prize was quite a bomb for our troop of 6. Only Nadeen need not require a ticket.

MTR route.

Yes Balqis... You need a ticket.

We headed to HK city. It was the only day we had to check out the city. It explained why we traveled light & the backpackers way ;-)

At Hong Kong City station, figuring our way to the Peak Tram.

Check that out... The Amazing Race Family Team

The city

Language was not a barrier but we sure did go in circle that day. The locals were helpful still we got lost. At a point it crossed my silly mind... "Have we eventually crossed the sea & landed on the Philippines?" Why? It was a Sunday & the city was full of the Pinoys on their off day. It looked like a feast but really an eye-sore.

The many of them picnicking on the pavement.

A close up.

After climbing up those steps & joined HB with Nadeen in the stroller at the top, we discovered it was another wrong attempt. Seriously, the city was not friendly at all with signboards! An Aussie guided us down the hill to the right direction.

How glad was I when I saw this... This out of focus photo proves my aching body.

A pose before the queue

Now, that was the long, long queue!

Madame Tussauds HK ticket counter. The entry ticket was too dear. We might as well save the cash for the one in London ;-) But the girls made do with JC.

Yes... that was the crowd on that unfortunate day...!

I was not sure how long was the wait. Close to an hour or perhaps more. The girls didn't complain though... We had some sandwiches, befriended a family from Scotland, observed the people around us & cursed in BM to such terrible attitude of those tourists who failed to graduate the etiquette in a queue. They even took their chance with small children!

It was really my luck when the tram was ready for us to board & one of the doors was right in front of me. I was carrying Nadeen & slowly took my step when suddenly came this one lady who sneaked in front of me & rushed inside. Bull her!! I knew her spouse was right behind her. I blocked his way. Stopped & made way for all my other girls. Too bad HB was far away handling our bags & didn't witness the incident.

The tram was pretty much like the one I rode long ago in Penang Hill ;-) But it was my girls 1st experience & they seemed to enjoy it.

Us with the tram in the background

We had our lunch at the Peak. Was too hungry to enjoy the panaromic view outside ;-)

Our lunch - a bucket of shrimps with fish & chips served in a boat ;-)

Now, the girls 1st pose with a character in HK

After we fueled up, we went up to the sky terrace to watch HK from high above. It would be way nicer at night with the colourful neons. Time was what we were poor at..

Metropolitan city of HK in the background

Sisters, having a wonderful time

Don't mess with my sisters!!

Their faces say it all...

A shot by Wardah of HB & yours truly.

In this trip my dslr was most of the time with HB. He seemed to have fallen in love with photography... :-) Perhaps because I was occupied with Nadeen most of the time. Still, this Ms Gadget made use of her handycam which could be controlled with a single hand ;-) Anyhow the vid she shot is not for public view. You'll get headache... Hahaha!

The Peak Tower was rather fascinating. We didn't get the chance to explore though. Running out of time... HB wanted to climb down & I almost agreed. He changed his mind though. Knew how unfit his little wife is ;-)

At the Peak Tower

We reached the bottom & started to recall the route we followed to get to the peak tram, I went blur :-) Good I noticed a police officer & asked for a reliable direction.

In search for the Central Station

A couple of buildings from down below

I was not sure how big was the MTR station there in HK but it took us quite some time (no we were not lost!) to reach Sunny Bay, the station to DL

The MTR to DL

In the MTR. Balqis & Nadeen were knocked out...

The minute we stepped out of the MTR, Yasmin uttered... "Finally I am at Disneyland!". I'm not sure . Was that due to the long journey of going in & out the MTR or the long wait. You see, she had been wanting to go to DL ever since she was 5 ;-)

Off to the hotel

We woke up the other 2 & they got all excited seeing Mickey & friends...

There free coaches were available to take us to the hotel. HB suggested for a walk. The girls were thrilled... I simply agreed despite my aching legs.

HB walked far in front with Balqis. The others were with me. It was supposed to look like we didn't know each other... The mission? We were smuggling Yasmin. Our platoon would fail for a single room check in. To get another room would be a big waste for I was positive they would end up in the same room with us. Plus, the room rate was a bomb!

Strolling together we chatted over the incidents happened that day. I elaborated on cultures. But what I really needed to explain over & over again was why the hotel management refused us in one room. Why we were sneaking. Aiyo...!!
No. Just a pose at this hotel entrance. Didn't book for this one.

In case you were wondering... the walk was more or less 1 & a half km. We took more than half an hour ;-) Chatting, snacking, posing.

Here it was...

I found HB with Balqis at the check in counter. The elder girls had been briefed to ignore them. We got busy at a nearby gift shop. HB saw us, passed the key & took Yasmin elsewhere. I together with the others headed to the elevator.

Our room

Nadeen once freed from her stroller, headed straight to the bed & pretended to be asleep. How cute ;-)

HB & Yasmin joined us not long after that. mission accomplished! :-)

*to be continued

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Puteri's territory said...

Love the pictures. Ja padanlah u kurus, jalan banyak. How did you do it Ja, handling 4 kids touring the town on foot? Respect!

MHB said...

gorgeous photos you have there!!

we're doing HK/Macau next week... orang ramaiii sangat eh this time of the year?? will have to byk2 bersabar nampaknya!!

jabishah said...

Tx Puteq... I dah biasalah Puteq being married to Mir. He's an outdoor person. Layan je lah.. You know we never travel ikut tour grp. Perhaps when the girls are bigger. Now kena free & easy ;-)

jabishah said...


Waa... bestnye nak jalan. Yes, giler ramai org. I simply cldnt tolerate the attitude org sana jgk. Padan pun everytime I ajak HB pi belah2 China dia malas... Your girls will enjoy DL a lot! Nanti I update. Hopefully sempat ;-)