Friday, December 11, 2009

Hong Kong - The Journey

I'm back... Right, how shall I begin this? My recent trip to HK was without doubts full of enjoyments. However, we had to undergo quite a difficult time before departing...

If you have been a loyal reader to my travelogue, you would know my style. I will do this in daily basis so do spare me the time ;-)

This time around, we traveled without using our privilege tickets. Since, HK takes less than 4 hours to reach, HB decided to purchase our tickets. I agreed that EY should be ample.That was the mistake we made. We shouldn't have purchased EY tickets or better, we should have applied for another privilege tickets. The flight was fully booked.... & we were put as sub-loads.

We were supposed to go on the 7th since it was the day HB started his leave but on his Dec roster stated 5th & 6th were his off days as well. Hence, he changed the tickets to a day earlier. What more when I managed to bring forward the booking for the hotel room as well. Everything seemed to be as planned.

Our flight was at 1845. At 2pm HB felt like calling the ticketing & it was that moment he received the bad news. The plane that was supposed to take us to HK had some technical problems & failed to operate. The company decided to downgrade the plane to a smaller plane & due to that the buffer of 30 extra seats was down to 5 seats. We needed 6!

It was really a suspense waiting from 4pm at the airport until 630pm. If we failed to get seats on this flight, the day after & the day after flights were confirmed full!

What broke my heart was when I heard Balqis telling Nadeen that they would be in the plane to "Hong.... "& the little one continued "Kong". How was I to explain to them if we failed to get those tickets? I continuously prayed for their wish to come true...

Alhamdulillah, 5 minutes to 7pm we were informed that there were 6 seats available. My elder 2 girls looked grateful but Balqis & Nadeen had put on the same look ever since we left for the airport - "we're going for a holiday" look :-)

We reached HK safely. It was late & good that HB made a reservation at the airport hotel which was merely a walking distance. Yasmin had to pretend to be one of the crew's daughter. The number in our platoon obviously did not pass for a single room check-in ;-)

That night, we slept like a log.... dreaming of Disneyland :-)

Nadeen in the flight with her new toy papa bought in the flight

Balqis, all smiling for a holiday...

Ready for a nap

At the Hong Kong International Airport

Nadeen with mama

* to be continued


ibu,mommy,mom... said...

I nak plan go Hongkong la jugak...

leen said...

Ooo diam2 pergi HK rupanye...byk shopping? Am sure the girls had a wonderful time @ Disneyland :-)

Sempat makan DimSum tak?

jabishah said...

Best...! Do go while ur kids are still small. Klu dah teenage they might get bored. Rides xde yg menakutkan pun...

jabishah said...


The aim was DL je. Takde shopping2 pun. X smpt. Susahlah ramai sgt kena angkut ;-)