Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Nadeen is 4 months!

Nadeen grows so fast! She weighs 7.05kg now. Catching up with my slim Balqis... Now I have no problem at all carrying Balqis. Am so used to her baby sister's weight. There was once Balqis & Nadeen accidentally exchanged diapers (I still make Balqis wear diaper at night... sometimes accidents do happen!). Using the same brand of diaper with different sizes though Nadeen M, Balqis L. No complaints from Balqis, extra ventilation for Nadeen.

At 4 months Nadeen loves primary colours. No longer the boring, old black & white. She loves to play with her mouth too. Blowing & chewing her lips. Could it be that she is already teething? Nah... too early for that don't you think?

She is such a good baby. Knows her nap time & her bedtime. She sleeps after 10pm way till 8am. Of course will wake up for feeding twice but back to sleep again. Guess, that explains why my weight is static at the same weighty figure for the past couple of months. Hahaha...! Yup, laughing & doing nothing about it... sigh.


Yasmin said...

You may see Nadeen is cute,but who is rounder.............................?


jabishah said...

You rounder Yasmin? Or did you mean when you were a baby? Yes... that I have to agree. Your face was so round.

MAMAMIA said...

I miss having a baby in the house. Miss the sweet smell, the innocent smiles & even the cries. Tapi to have another one, don't think this seasoned old body can take it.

U & hubby are lucky, still young couple being blessed with 4 kids.

Yr 3rd girl is the same age as my youngest, 3 yrs old kan?

Min said...

Nadeen is sooooooo cute!!!

jabishah said...

Yes Balqis is 3 but she will be 4 end of Nov. It is really a different experience having a baby with her older sisters all grown up. Nadeen is very lucky & mama is even luckier. Easier to delegate things to do... ;-)

Auntie Min,
Thank you soooo much. And Adam is soooo handsome! wink wink