Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nadeen hospitalised

I have always been thrilled bringing back my newborn home. But I know that I still have to monitor her for any signs of jaundice, especially her first 2 weeks.

On the second day back from the hospital, a nurse dropped by to check on the baby & me. She noticed that Nadeen was slightly yellow. That was a sign of jaundice. 2 days after that, I took Nadeen to the clinic to test her bilirubin count. It was 13.8. She was 5 days old. The doctor sent us home but the follow up check up on her 7th day, her bilirubin count climbed up to 15.6. Of course Nadeen was sent straight to the nursery.

Nadeen in the nursery

She was monitored under the special light (not sure what it's called) about 20 hrs daily. That was plus minus, feeding time, bathing time & diaper change. Her second day, the bilirubin decreased to 12.5. On her 3rd day, it was 11.5 which was a good sign.

I requested to take her home. The paediatrician agreed because she was then already 8 days old. I just need to continue breastfeeding her at home. In fact, she was never fed with formula. I expressed my milk regularly & sent to the nursery. I even used the electric breast pump in the hospital to express milk for Nadeen. It was faster than manual but of course a little bit painful.

Nadeen's tag

My yellow Nadeen

Nadeen playing with papa after nursing

Back under the light (Still wrapped because she was still awake & in the mood to play)

Now, she is getting a lot better & Im recovering well too. With the older girls around, it's not hard to take care of this new baby.

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