Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Frankly, I was too busy to realize the beautiful date that perhaps to some people might bring a good fortune. What was registered in my head was that on the 7th & 8th, I planned to stay over at my parents' knowing that my siblings would be there. Only in the afternoon I realized about the significant date. It was boldly printed on the first page on the daily newspaper. 070707!

Then I remembered Wardah... She was born on 010101. Not C-section but normal delivery. I really didn't expect of her early birth. Even hubby was away in Nagoya, Japan. And 010101 was also printed on the front page!

I thought that 070707 would merely be another normal day. Nothing like my 010101... Who would have expected my baby chose that very date to give me his/her first kick on my tummy. I could feel the baby moved before but not that furious kick he gave me. Even my unborn baby knew the date to choose... 070707 ;)

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razmyn said...

777...hmmm..sounds very familiar...
but not a very good day for me...went racing & bad luck was all over...from engine seizures to fuel starvation to brake failure...hence the reason i didn't win the race...kekeke :D
anyway...me & eileen is back in Abu Dhabi...no more nasi lemak & mee udang for a while for us :(