Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I'm BACK!!

I know! I know! I've vanished for quite awhile. The thing is I sort of falling out of love over the internet & all the gadgets I have at home. But the real reason is due to the morning sickness I had to bear in the 1st trimester! Yippee!! I am now at my 17th week & has long waved goodbye to the 1st trimester. Though morning sickness fails to leave for good it sure is far better than what I had to go through on my 2nd & 3rd month... fooh! This pregnancy is really different from the other 3. Perhaps it's the age factor... I'll be 33 this October. Gosh!!

Well... despite the vomiting, headache & tiredness, there are of course lots of great things that I have ventured. Slowly I will recall & definitely share with all of you my amazing friends. Which I realize that my blog does have regular readers... Okay people, I will find the time to update. Till next time.. ciao.

1 comment:

razmyn said...

hahah!! finally...some least better than oso takde :D