Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Look Who's 33...

Yesterday, July 16th was hubby's birthday. We had earlier given him his gift.(Knowing my girls... once they knew there was a gift, it should be given straight away!) So on his birthday I thought there was nothing real special. He left very early for work & came back around 7pm. I knew going out for dinner would be a little bit tiring for him. In fact, the girls would want to tag along & it was not a weekend for them to stay up late.

Wardah asked me to bake something for papa. I am really not into baking nowadays. However, I've got an idea to kill two birds with one stone. The girls have been asking me to bake cupcakes & I decided to make the cupcakes as
hubby's birthday cake. We surprised him with his birthday cake once he entered the house. Yasmin & Wardah sang birthday song to papa but I could only hear Balqis shouting "Aqis blow! Aqis blow!" It was real funny. Too bad I was holding the cake & could not shoot the precious, cute moment.

The birthday cupcakes. He loved it. Mentioned that it was som
ething different. (But then complained the cupcakes were not soft enough..! )

Hubby with the girls. "Happy Birthday Papa!"


lizamurni said...

Ja, birthday Jemir same with my hubby....hihi
- dikny-

jabishah said...

Consider ourselves lucky... Cancer men are family oriented ;)

ka..t said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your hubby!

How have you been, Ja? Everything okay with your pregnancy? I'll be moving to Abu Dhabi early August. So if you are coming this way again, let me know. :)

myn said...

jemir...finally...lu sama tua dengan wa!!

Ja...i dont see any mee carrot??