Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Poem - Merdeka!!

In conjunction with the National Day, the girls' school organized lots of activities for the students. Wardah took part in a choir competition & her class got fourth place for singing the "Jalur Gemilang" song. Way to go Wardah! Yasmin, on the other hand was voted by her classmates to represent her class in a poem recitation competition. Today the result was out. I could see her smiling away heading towards me when I fetched her up this evening. She won the the first place & was given the honour to recite the poem again today during the school's National Day celebration. What really made her proud & me even prouder was that the fact she composed the poem herself. The day she brought it home for me to read, I was really amazed that my daughter could write. Here is the original piece of her poem which she named "Merdeka!" (being free, independent). Of course there were spelling mistakes which I have corrected earlier.

Merdeka!! From 1957 till 2007, we're free!!
Free from Englishmen,
Free from Japanese,
So what shall we do next?

Let's celebrate National Day!

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!
Let us celebrate 50 years of independence!
Let us rule our very own country,
What about calling our country "Malaysia"?

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!
We promise to be honest,

We promise to learn well,
We promise to respect the elders,
Shall we promise to take care of your name?
Yes, of course we do!

Now we are telling you,
We are proud of you Malaysia,

Thank you Malaysia!


Anonymous said...

good! ada semangat kemerdekaan..
teruskan perjuangan dalam menulis puisi lagi.

Deborah said...

a nice poem for merdeka..i was surfing the net to look for merdeka poems for my school merdeka u mind if i use it to train my students?


jabishah said...

Hi Deb,

Im sure my daughter will be very delighted to know that someone loves her poem. By all means pls do but I appreciate it if you mention the writer's name ;-)

Afqh said...

Nice poem for my homework.If you don't mind,can i used it?


Anonymous said...

Semangat kemerdekaan yang begitu tinggi. Betapa bertuahnya Malaysia mempunyai seorang anak muda yang begitu cinta dan sayang akan negara. Semoga anda menjadi insan yang berguna kepada negara,agama , bangsa ,dan negara MALAYSIA.

nuha sabrina Nordin said...

Oh great! This is I have been looking for! 

Anonymous said...

hai... i am school teacher, may i use the poem for my orang asli kids. they would love to read it.

jabishah said...

My pleasure. .. yasmin my daughter will be very thrilled!

Anonymous said...

this poem i say in school...........