Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One of My Proud Moments

Yes, I know that I am due for my next travel journal post... but I just have to make way to this one first.

Early this year Wardah took an online test at home. I didn't interrupt her at all. She did everything all by herself. A couple of months back, her name was up for another test. She with 2 other students from her school were to sit for another online test. But this time it was conducted at a school near Puchong area. There were invigilators & the test was to be completed within a time period given. She came out of the lab earlier than others which was not to the liking of her dad ;-) Her prompt answer was... "Senang daripada test dulu!". That's my Wardah ;-)

Yesterday, she came home wearing a smile & a big envelope in a hand. My dear Wardah has been selected for the programme - Permata Pintar. It is basically a twin programme to Center for Talented Youth, Johns Hopkins University. It caters the special needs to students with high academic abilities. Locally the university responsible for such programme is UKM. Youy may read here.

Wardah has qualified as an alumnus for the Permata Pintar Programme. She will attend a 3 weeks holiday camp from 29 Nov to 17 Dec end of this year. Err... not at JHU but UKM ;-) That is a long period to be separated from my 9-year-old girl! We are allowed to visit her only on Sundays... How impossible it sounds I definitely have to let go...

With this piece of news, my parenting once more is challenged. It's Yasmin. She has always been the prominent one in the family & when she is not selected for this programme both, HB & I are worried. We both tried our best not to overdo it with Wardah's achievement. When they met, Yasmin did congratulate her sis. It looked genuine to me. Still I decided to have a talk with her.

As I expected, she was keeping something inside. She refused to admit but I know my Yasmin just too well. Hence, she started pouring it out to me.

I knew exactly how she felt. I was the eldest & pretty much like Yasmin was always a top scorer or amongst the top scorers. But many things didn't really get my ways. The chance to go to a boarding school in form 1 is one example. I knew I got her attention & slowly I could see her face softened. She understood.

Later right before dinner, Wardah came whining up to me saying that Kakak Yasmin accused her for getting a boyfriend at the camp. Seeing Yasmin teasing her sister like that & Wardah responded as she would always do, I knew I had passed that stage in parenting :-)


Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Congrats Wardah! I'm sure it will be a great experience for her at the year-end camp. As for you, try to resist missing her too much, ok. :-)

I'm sure Yasmin has her own strengths in areas where her other siblings may lack. That makes each child unique in the family.

jabishah said...

Thx MTT. What's important, she has understood that. I'm aware that my approach with her shld be diff compared to her other sisters. She's a teenage now.. how time flies!

a&a'smom said...

Congrats to both ur Wardah & Yasmin (for her understanding) & also to the proud parents!

fieza said...

alamak.. tak tau macam mana nak kata.. saya pun nak anak anak pandai macam ni.. nak jadi sangat lovely macam kak ja!! idola sungguh!! heee