Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yasmin with braces!

Braces... It's the teenage thing. A trend now! Yasmin was counting days for her appointment. Who looks forward to seeing a dentist? Enjoy the pics ;-)


She was annoyed with this shot obviously ;-)

A close up

Well, someone looked happy with her new look....


She chose pink & purple. Sweet eh? I don't know... but I think with braces Yasmin no longer looks like a child. She looks like a teenage now! Prettier... Now I should consider braces too. ;-P


ibu,mommy,mom... said...

She's a big girl already.
Hehe,dia x marah ke post pictures dia macam tu?
Soon it will my 'lil one's turn'
If you don't mind sharing,how much was it?

jabishah said...

Renee, she didnt know... Said dont share in fb well, this is not ;-) We got her an orthodotist.. Perhaps a bit expensive but I am satisfied coz shes a specialist. Altogether is rm5500. Bayar RM 2500 masa pasang & RM200 during each consultation for perhaps a year plus. It's in Bandar Sri Damansara , Lina Dental Clinic.