Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cleopatra no more...

Yes. I'm a full time mom at the moment till my maid comes back end of Dec... So far I'm coping  quite well. This time around at our new house the feeling is different. It is really my first time managing & handling the house on my own without a maid.

I normally take this chance to turn my girls to be more domesticated. The elder girls especially have been helping a lot. The only dependent girl is dear Nadeen. At 5 she is most of the time impossible.... We have to have reasons to everything that we prohibit her to do. Like the other day..... HB allowed her play in the rain. The next time it rained she requested to do the same thing. I said no. She asked why. Told her that she might fall sick. She answered that she didn't get sick the last time she played because papa gave her Scott's Emulsion right after she showered. Told her we ran out of  SE which the truth a bottle was hidden in the cabinet.... & she reminded me to get a new bottle the next time I do groceries shopping.

I am out with the elder girls at this moment. Sent off Balqis for UCMAS & Nadeen for art class. We are at a kopitiam & I decided to update my blog. The elder girls brought their books as instructed by HB they have to start making notes for the coming school term. Frankly I disagreed to his idea at first. They totally have to stop facebooking & tweeting. Only given like half an hour on a weekend. But looking at the progress of notes they made & how their time is well spent... I have to thank HB for being firm. Or not the whole month of November right after the school holidays.. they were like using our unlimited broadband to the max!

I notice that the elder girls are more responsible in term of house chores. Even the younger girls I don't really have  to handle much. Their sisters are good with them though of course I won't lie.... All just loooove to tease Nadeen & make her whine & cry. When that happens only mama can solve the matter by showing my affection only to Nadeen & only Nadeen ;-)

We have like 2 weeks more before Wari our maid comes back. I plan to bring out all the Cinderella in them. Yasmin is good with the vacuum cleaner & broom, Wardah handles the toilet up to my standard, Balqis loves to help with anything but only her height & age hinder... Nadeen.? Well she's a challenge & entertainer to everything we do....

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