Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Her 14th birthday

The date, March the 9th, 1999. The time, 1455. The place, Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital. The occasion, birth of my first born

HB & I became parents exactly 14 years ago. The baby everyone was waiting for... I remembered how pressured it was when family members kept asking me "takda apa-apa lagi ke...?". Come on... Give me a break! I was barely 23. Still too young! That was what I thought but the truth... deep inside me I wanted a baby. HB on the hand was cool... He didn't seem disturbed at all. Simply enjoying married life ;-)

It was one fine day, I was asking myself.... Did I do something improper? I doubted it. Now did I accidentally say something which I shouldn't have?... I thought I did. But it was no accident. I meant it!

You see I tied the knot on my final year at the university. Of course the questions for newlyweds are the common... "How was the honeymoon?" or " How do you enjoy married life so far?" or the ever famous "So when do you plan to have a baby?". In my case I answered Q1 with a blush (hehehe!), Q2 with a double blush :-P & I can recall clearly what I answered to Q3... "No not yet... I don't want to look like a fat cow on my graduation day!"

Served me right! Luckily I was wise enough to realize that early & sincerely took each word back.... Approximately 6 months after I became a wife, I conceived. Alhamdulillah...

I somehow loved the name "Amir" so much hence the "Amirah" as the first name which was not so to my liking. But as some of my readers are aware of the "Amir" remains as a name which I love but has no son to carry it ;-) Now to compliment the "Amirah", I added "Yasmin", the second name she is always addressed as. 

Yasmin is now in boarding school. This year her birthday falls on a Saturday but not a sleepover weekend. She requested for her mom's Baked New York Cheese Cake but that was for the celebration she planned to have in the dorm with her friends. Got her some pizzas, drinks & brownies as well. As to celebrate her... we got her a cake from SR. Here are the photos on her birthday...


The cheesecake

The birthday card made by her sisters

The cake frm SR

HB.. getting the candles ready

Bday gal with her darling sisters

OK... her mom just have to be in front of the cam tooo ;-)


Cam-whoring as usual...

With Mama

With Papa

The next day, Sunday was an outing day. The school allows from 12pm - 6pm. We normally bring her home but to celebrate her... we had a belated bday treat instead.



ibu,mommy,mom... said...

Awww so sweet. Gambar you and the girls mcm 5 beradik perempuan
Happy birthday Yasmin

jabishah said...

Hahaha... really? Nak reaching the 4 series ni it sure means a lot! ;-) Btw... thx aunty Renee!