Friday, January 1, 2010


New year has always been very meaningful to me. The 010110 this year is not as distinguished as 010101. Not planned but someone seemed to love the attention & steal the limelight. Exactly like she is now... ;-) It was the day I gave birth to my second baby, Wardah. Normal delivery without a husband next to me (HB was in Nagoya). My first experience with labour pain & really not a beautiful sight, you know what I mean...

With Yasmin I requested for epidural as early as the contraction started. In fact, I asked for more when I felt only a slight of pain. A young mom I was... & very scared. The nurses helped me when to push because I didn't feel a thing but numb from waist downward. That was Yasmin. HB was right next to me.

Wardah on the other hand, met her father only on her 3rd day. I chose to stay at the hospital just only to get the thrill of him fetching us.

My oven still remain not repaired. So we bought Wardah a cake. Since yesterday was the 31st & my girls never fail to remind me of BR 31% discount , we got one from BR itself. No. There's no discount on cakes. Only on icecream.

Wardah's 9th birthday cake

Nope. We didn't wait. Cut the cake yesterday.. Not only a day earlier but a year early as well. Hehehehe... Here are some of the moments HB shot.

The birthday girl with her sisters

Wardah saved one candle for Nadeen to blow.

She managed at one blow ;-)

Today in fact is another date to remember. Until this moment, I last breastfed Nadeen at 7am this morning. It was hard for me but I have to obey to HB. Well, I did try to persuade him for another month which he rejected. By right I was supposed to stop when Nadeen turned 2 in December 2nd. I told him that I'd stop once we return from HK. But I didn't... He seems serious about this one." End of the year & that's it".

She asked for my milk at noon today. I used the same trick with Balqis. Applied tamarind onto the areola. I could not give her to taste it. I still remeber the look on Balqis when she had her taste of tamarind when she was about to give in to her addiction sucking my milk. I didn't want to go through that again. So with Nadeen, I showed it to her. Told her that it got dirty & smelly. It worked. She refused. I distracted her.

However when it was time for her day nap, she pulled my hand & led me to my room, on my bed.

Kept saying "Di.. Di..."

I asked, "CD? You want to watch Barney?"

"No...!!" "Di..!" and pointed to the bathroom.

She wanted me to mandi (bathe) as to clean off the dirt. That, made me cry... My maid was just outside the door. She was the one who helped me with Balqis when I wanted to stop breastfeeding her. If she were not around, I might just give in & give her my milk. Sri took Nadeen & said something about dirty & smelly again...

Before dinner just now, she requested to have a look at my breasts. I excused myself & let her sisters distract her. Rushed downstairs, did another application of the tamarind & showed to her. She didn't look frustrated but pointed the dirt with her little fingers closing her nostrils. When I got nearer she ran away from me. But when I told her to give me hug, she didn't hesitate.

As for now, she is with my maid sleeping together with her sisters. Didn't ask for my milk & I can't wait for tomorrow so that I can hug her again.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Jabishah, here's wishing your girl many happy returns of the day, Happy Birthday, young lady!

And Jabishah, wishing you, Captain and the gang HAPPY NEW YEAR.
May you have another baby this coming Tiger year, *wink*.
And Captain, you have safe flights....keep well.

And a big hug to Nadeen. Holy Smoke! The baby has grown! Ahhh, time to get one more, ha ha.

Jabishah, you stay young, stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

tireless mom said...

Happy 9th birthday to Wardah. Poor Nadine. Tomorrow double hugs for her.

suria said...

I know how sad it is to make the baby stop breastfeeding.I did not have the heart so at the end my no 2 and no 4 I breastfeed until they are 3 +++....hahhah...for my no 5 I felt sad cause I am so busy...that I cannot fully breastfeed him fully.

Lizamurni Lokman said...


Happy birthday to Wardah!!!

Cian's ok Nadeen, whatever it is, your mama still loves you....

Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Hi Ja, Happy New Year to you and your family. Wishing you the best in 2010 and hopefully you succeeded in weaning Nadeen off the breast milk. :-)

Happy belated birthday, Wardah! Your cake looks really good. Yummy..

Cikna said...

Happy New Year Boza.
Happy Bday Wardah.
Poor Nadeen. You need to be wean off, dear. Now or later.
Boza,m so touch reading on Nadeen's weaning off. Done that, been there. Hope that you'll be strong.

jabishah said...

Hi Uncle,

Happy New Year to u as well ;-) Good to hv u back.

Another baby? No..! I'm done w 4. Hands are full....

You take care now uncle.

jabishah said...

Tx Kak Yatt. Nadeen is coping well without my milk. Alhamdulillah no demam or anything like that ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi Suria,

I dont work so it's really not an excuse for not breastfeeding. I really hv to respect working moms like u. When I was working I managed for only 6 months. Shame on me!

jabishah said...

Tx Dikny. It feels kinda sad when I hv to let her go. They grow up too fast. In no time she'll be in school & my milk is definitely history :-(

jabishah said...

Tx for the wish. The cake was indeed yummy. Her mom helped herself for one big slice ! ;-)

jabishah said...

Hi Nana,

Tx for the wish. So far so good. She is still with her sisters tho. Hopefully she will be ready to sleep w me again tomorrow. Will update.