Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Updates on 2010 School Year

The girls are back schooling... Not sure whether that's a relief to me really. True that now the house is no longer a nursery with shouting & screaming over a TV channel or the Notebook! Phenning! Phenning! Because this year I am on duty in double shifts, morning & afternoon...

Yes, Yasmin is in Year 5 now & she's in the morning session. Wardah remains in the afternoon at Year 4. Now let me give you a brief summation of my daily venture. Early morning I send Yasmin to school. Return home for Wardah & Balqis (I don't expect the 2 to wake as early as 630am). At 10am, out again to fetch Wardah from mengaji. Half past noon, on the move again to send off Wardah to school, fetch Yasmin & Balqis. Quarter to 3pm, drop Yasmin & Balqis for mengaji. 2 hours later, need to fetch them. Nope. That's not the end... Half past 6 is my last round of the day to get Wardah home from school.

If it's for love... I doubt I manage. HB suggested to engage a transport for the girls. I of course refused. I don't work & I have a maid. Do you expect me to be the "Cleopatra" at home whist my girls take the transport which I normally witness is sardined with pupils. No! No!

Last night however, a neighbour called me for car pool arrangements. She apparently is working in double shifts herself ;-) So now my half of my chauffeuring duty is taken away. Thanks a bunch Rita!

Balqis with Nadeen.

This was taken on her first day for mengaji class. No I didn't make that tudung. Used to be Yasmin's. A hand-me-down ;-) She was a bit nervous at first. But Yasmin was around to take care of her. Back from mengaji she confirmed with me whether the mengaji will be on daily basis. Later only I found out, her kindi friends are also her classmates at the mengaji centre.

Yasmin was elected a Class Monitor. I mentioned before that she was quiting as prefects. Frankly, I expected her to be the Assistant Monitor but accroding to her the boy who was nominated lost by 12 votes. Woohoo! Congrats dear... Remember time management is the utmost important.

Wardah is still a school prefect. But she's in blue this year unlike last year in green (it was way easier to get her uniform compared to last year). Came home today & announced she's the AJK for English in her class ;-)

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Hi Jabishah, just dropped by say hello.
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