Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Still around somewhere...

Yes... I am still around. On planet earth at least. Been missing in blogsphere! Today, I try my best to stay put longer here & update :-)

Wow! Almost a month without a single post. The last time I did this was when I was carrying Nadeen. Now don't get any ideas! My excuse this time is still the same old one. Been busy with my little business ;-)

OK. I've been wanting to share on our outing a couple of months back. During the school break in March to be exact. We were in Kuala Selangor wanting to experience fireflies. The trip was not bad but it was really not the fireflies which impressed me. It was during our short visit to a paddy field in Tanjung Karang that fascinated me. We went up Bukit Malawati, yes. History forgotten. The girls had too much fun feeding monkeys. Not really sure though from which breed. Well to me monkeys are monkeys ;-)

Now let's do the pictures...

These monkeys welcomed us at Bukit Malawati

The younger girls were afraid & most of the time hanging on their bibik.

Nadeen braved herself

...and why does my Yasmin look like she's interviewing those monkeys ;-)

The lighthouse

These 2 were annoyed with this idle see saw ;-)

This is what I meant.... paddy field in Tanjung Karang. Lovely!

Balqis & Nadeen with a surau & paddy field in the background

Check this out... Kangkung peolple! Kangkung!

Now this one is a classic...
A family portrait

After that shot, HB assited the girls up one by one. The fragile condition of the bridge worried me. After all 3 were secured in the car, my youngest refused to move. She wanted to be seated on the wooden bridge with both legs hanging out.

Unfortunately this is the only shot at the firefly park. Cameras were not allowed as it may scare those fireflies away.

The girls had a great time watching those fireflies. Not me neither HB. The boatride was a real suspense! And the quietness was too eerie.

Balqis went for another field trip somewhere last month. This time was the zoo. Here are a couple of shots at her kindie.

On the very same day, it was also Sport's Day in Yasmin's & Wardah's school. I only attended once of all the 5 years Yasmin in the school. She participated for a march pass & I went home right after she was done ;-)

This year anyhow is a different story. Both girls were involved in a few events. How did they turn to athletes overnight? HB got a valid answer to that. Their sizes... My girls are tall for their age. Those long legs are their advantages.

Before I go on with Yasmin, let me tell you about my Wardah. She was selected in 4 X 100m & 4 X 200m. On the Friday before Sport's Day, they had another practice. Well, it was a practice but Wardah mistaken it as a semi-final. She had never been the 1st runner. But on that day her friends insisted for her to be one & knowing Wardah she just doesn't know how to refuse. So, the 1st runner she was. The condition of the field was sad. To make things worse, it rained the day before. According to a friend's daughter, Wardah ran & at the same time was trying her best not to step on the puddle. Due to that she missed the 2nd runner. Once she realised that, she ran on the opposite direction to pass back the baton. Hahaha!

Her friends were pissed with her. Poor girl! Hence she didn't want to go to school on Sport's Day. I told her her about sport's spirit & all but I guessed she was more embarrassed than anything. I let it be.

In school during Sport's Day, Wardah's friend approached me. She was wondering what happenned to Wardah. Why didn't she come. The practice they had was still at a selection stage. Wardah was not chosen for 4 X 200m but she was in 4 X 100m. Since she was not around the teacher chose someone else. I told Wardah when we got home. She cried but she has learnt her lesson. The hard way... Poor thing!

Now back to Yasmin. She was the 1st runner & we were very closeby which annoyed her really ;-) Let the pictures do the talking. Check out her expressions when we were near & when we were further.... hehehe.

They got bronze. Oh did I tell you Wardah's team won silver... ?

With her team mates... Notice the height?

Congrats Yasmin & Wardah... I hope you learn something there girl. (((hugs)))

Now what else... Oh ya, I went for a double date to Bandung via Jakarta. Well no need for a travel journal this time. I'm pretty sure many of my dear readers have been there. Anyway, here are some photos for you ;-)

In our rented Luzio enroute to Bandung frm Jakarta

Stopped for lunch at a Rest Area

The many choices of Soto

With Pasar Baru Bandung in the background

I bet people rather shop than pose here but we were way too early.

The early birds -> us ;-)

The Double Dates

Now to Nadeen's fans out there here is a special photo of her...

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