Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yasmin is 11!

Yasmin turned 11 last Tuesday. My first born is now a teenage? My... time sure flies. I still remember the day brought her home from the hospital. It was drizzling & this young mom didn't know a thing of how to handle a baby. She even addressed herself "Kak Ja" to the new infant in her arms. How "mama' sounded too weird then :-)

My Yasmin is only a few inches shorter than me now. It will be no time when I have to look up when we speak. She has too much of her dad's gene. An XY of HB ;-)

On her birthday, HB was away. I was occupied & it was the exam week. We didn't really have time to celebrate. Didn't even manage to get a cake...

Yasmin is a sport. She knows, she's not forgotten. Only that the time was not convenient. We had birthday pizzas instead & she loved the books I got her. Couldn't wait for the exam to end so that she could start reading those books.

We had an earlier celebration of her birthday end of Feb. A joint party with Wardah. I was too busy to update ;-)But I have photos to share as usual. Let them photos do the talking. Enjoy!

Her Birthday Cake

Mama trying her best with matches. She wasted 3 for 2 candles!

The Birthday Girl with her sisters

A few of the guests at the party. Both the 2 ladies had jabishah's on ;-)

I set a game - Treasure Hunt. They sure had fun... (this was when they had to search for a handsome uncle who was the key to their final clue)

Yasmin's group was also stuck at this final clue. They asked each uncle at the party. HB was good distracting them away from the uncle with the clue ;-)

In the end, Yasmin's group won!

Wardah's group continued with their search :-)

No Pictures!

Celebrating... ;-)

Their birthday cakes. Nope! I didn't bake. The oven remains not repaired :-(

The birthday girls were at the back ;-)

Had to babysit Nadeen...

Didn't even have the chance to blow those candles. The little ones in front were given the honour :-)

Happy Birthday Yasmin dear. We love you always....


leen said...

Dear Ja,
My love birthday wishes to Yasmin. Yup, I still remember that day; me, shake and hasnul came to visit you and baby Yasmin. None of us knew how to handle the cute little girl back then. But look at her now...soon terima menantu la you Ja..:-)

Sorry for missing her birthday again but looking at the party and cakes, I'm sure she had a blast!

To Yasmin, may you grow up become a wonderful lady just like your mom!

Nic said...

Happy birthday to both girls! We had a good time that day :-)

May Allah guide us in raising our girls always!