Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have plenty of stories to blog but when everything rushes out to be put into words, there is a massive traffic there in my head. Ever experienced that?

Now this is my attempt polishing on my menglipur lara skill. I shall start with....HB. My frequent readers I'm sure is aware of HB's job patterns. Ever since early this year things have changed a bit. Nooo...! He's with the same company, the same department the only thing that differs is his time.

Nowadays, he is always home. Always means we see him every single day. He sometimes goes to work very early in the morning & will be home by 5pm. At times he goes off somewhere after dinner & comes home right after my daily morning menyupir chore. Most of the time he is home but we can't make plans for he might be called for duty.

The truth, it is kind of difficult for me & also the girls to adjust. We are too used & comfortable with his irregular existence at home ;-) Having him over a week with us is funny.

I am not so domesticated when it comes to house chores. I don't fancy cleaning up. Mopping, sweeping, vacuuming.. what more scrubbing toilets! Unlike HB who is very rajiiinnn. He likes things to be in order & spotless.

My trick then was to chill whenever he was away & make sure the household is presentable during his return. No! Don't get me wrong... My house is nothing like a ship wreck. Those who have been here should know. At a glance things are tidy. I always make sure the living room especially is nicely arranged. The living area is the first you see once entering the main door. I of course depend on such room to welcome my fatigue husband after days away from home.

Remember Monica Geller of Friends? Well, I'm pretty much like her. House organised but I have this habit of dumping things that are an eyesore into cabinets & drawers ;-) Since HB has the extra time at home, he now discovers his wife's imperfectness ;-)

Have I changed over the months? No, I haven't. I have been living with such pattern for too long & it has become my comfort zone. True, I have a helper at home but she is a fast learner to my making things disappear habit. (Sighh...)

How I wish HB gets busy again... Heard that he would by the end of the year. To maintain the house in order is merely a small issue. My concern here is our relationship. I just don't know how others do it but with HB home almost all the time limits our daily conversation. I know there are couples who work at the same place & see each other daily. How do they survive? Having HB around 24/7 & going through the days together... we are sometimes lost of words. No more topics to discuss. Hahaha! Seriously... and I better not forget to make an appointment with my OB/GYN by December. My IUD will due ;-)

Now at this very moment, I'm blogging & he is next to me playing his favourite game in my handphone. We even played Jenga together this afternoon... Hahaha!


tireless mom said...

Bila tak ada rindu, bila dah ada??? Penat nak layan ke?

jabishah said...

Hmmm... for me & you to wonder kak yatt oiii ;-)

a&a'smom said...

LOL!!! Even this can be a prob YA. For me, I hate being apart fr the DH.

jabishah said...

Sheela dear,

I knew HB way before he started working so I am so used & comfortable with our normal pattern of him on & off at home. Even the girls feel awkward ;-)

a&a'smom said...

Ja, maybe it will be the same for me once he retires. My DH's clinic is 10 mts drive & he's back for lunch, t & dinner (gets bck home after 930pm)

Ummi365 said...

I know how you feel... i guess because we are used to making our own decisions when he is not around. maybe or maybe not. anyway dah lama tak datang sini, how are you dear? how's your tudung biz coming along?

jabishah said...

Sheela I doubt it... You are so used of his company & hving him 24/7 will be pleasing ;-)

jabishah said...

Kak ummi dear,

How have you been? Alhamdulillah.. the biz is quite promising :-) Exactly what you meant. Being in control is another thing I miss & not forgetting the space ;-)