Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Missing Papa..

I shared about HB's constant availability at home in my last post. Here's a contradiction to what I commented.

HB operated a daily flight to TPE yesterday. Daily OK...! So I was not exaggerating of him being home often ;-) It takes approximately 5 hrs to reach TPE. To & fro should take up to more or less 10hrs. 2 sets of tech crew operate this pattern. Each pair either fly to or fly out. A legal duty period is within 12 hours which starts from the reporting time. This pattern has only a 10 minutes buffer.

The flight was delayed due to strong headwind. Furthemore it was overbooked. Since HB operated to TPE, he was flying back as a passenger. By stepping down in TPE, he was ironically doing his company a favour. Last night I was hubbyless... ;-)

OK. I am a frank person & I won't lie. Yes!! I enjoyed it. The bed to myself... No green background on TV... Watched Desperate Housewives at ease... & I thought the girls felt the same. The elder girls perhaps but not to both Balqis & Nadeen. No surprise... They are both very manja with papa.

Nadeen went to sleep asking about papa & woke up searching for papa. Balqis? She loves to write nowadays. Has completed her Bacalah Anakku series. She has this written for papa ...

Now let me do the honour to elaborate. To Papa, From Balqis... that one is clearly understood. Welcome Home, Papa I Love you... that too is easily comprehended. Can you see our house there? Now how about the drawing next to it? According to her, that's the hotel in TPE (She's been there. You may want to read here, here, here and here). The stickman in front of the hotel is obviously papa ;-) How sweet... I was wrong with my assumption. They both sure love having papa home ;-)


Puteri's territory said...

Omigod Ja,
I totally get you. Like this week my hubby tak kena outstation melepas i tgk Desperate Housewives and Vampire Diaries. Siot betul. Tapi nak kata apa kan. Berkorban jelah. Tapi i truly treasure moments when hes not around so i get to do things that I like and take my own sweet time to do other stuff. But not too long though because I'll be crying for him to come back. ahak ahak.

jabishah said...

Hehehe.... and I've been living with that pattern for almost 16 years (campur zaman courting sekali...;-))Too comfortable oredi!