Sunday, July 11, 2010


Nadeen is now 2 & a half years old. It feels just like yesterday I last posted on her milestone. She was the only one of my 4 girls whom I have the chance to update her monthly progress online from the day she was born until she started walking.


Last fortnight I took Nadeen for her vaccination. As warned by her paed, the jab would cause a fever. Since I have enough PCM syrup at home & it was not her first immunization, I took it lightly.

At home, I straight gave her the required dose needed. She loves the flavour of this one particular PCM syrup. I simply need to pass the syringe to her & she would inject it into her mouth willingly.

The next day she woke up happy. I guessed the PCM worked & I stopped the next dosage. At 30 months she is smart for her age. Having 3 elder sisters is definitely an advantage. Would a toddler that age hum to Demi Lovato songs? :-) She is even picky with what she wears now. Prefers dresses to anything... but not any dress suits her. It must have a wide flare so that she can twirl ;-) In her language, the dress which she can lalalaaaaa.... The apple of our eyes indeed!

That night as I was putting her to bed I felt her body temperature differed. A bit warmer than usual. My mistake for ignoring... At 2am, I woke up & checked on my baby. Yes, she had a temperature! I woke her up (at the wee hour I forgot about the suppository safely confined in the fridge) & gave her the syrup. She didn't complain, in fact continued sleeping.

In the morning, her temperature was back to normal. But I continued with medication since she was not as active as before. She slept again somewhere at 9am & while sleeping her temperature rose. I toweled her & she started to cry. I wanted to give another dosage but it was less than 4 hours from her last. Monitored her as she went back to sleep.

It was a hot day that day & Nadeen's temperature was going up & down & up again. Her 4 hourly dosage I never missed.In the afternoon, I sneaked to send Yasmin & Balqis for mengaji. It didn't work. Nadeen even with a high temperature could sense it. She cried out for me.

I didn't have the heart to leave her. I thought it was OK to bring her along since the car was air-conditioned. After all the drive was less than 10minutes... It could have been the most foolish thing I did. Why didn't I just tell the elder girls to skip mengaji that day?

Back from sending the elder girls, Nadeen was still with a high temperature. I continued toweling her. She cried out when I toweled her neck but the moment the damp towel reached her armpit, her eyes opened abruptly , pupils looked dilated & both were facing upwards.

It was a fit! Her body cramped. I got panic. I hugged her but it was like hugging a log. She didn't respond to me. I started to shiver. Called out for my helper. She took Nadeen & rushed her to the bathroom. I was helpless!

Good thing Wari (my helper) was sensible. I heard water splashing, I saw & heard she calling out Nadeen's name but I was only watching! Couldn't compute to what was happening! As if like I was having muscle spasm as well. Suddenly, I heard Wari no longer calling out for Nadeen. I heard her loud & clear.. "Ibu!! Panggil bapak!!"

I rushed upstairs. I totally forgot about HB. He was asleep. Just got home that morning after an all night long flight to Hydrebad. Guessed I conveyed the message right because HB stormed out of the bedroom. The moment he took Nadeen, her mouth was foaming.

I couldn't bear looking at my baby like that. In shivers, I grabbed the car key & started the engine. HB passed Nadeen to me & was shirtless entering the car . Wari, our hero that day appeared with HB's T-shirt in her hand.

In the car, Nadeen was conscious. She was calling out "Mamaaa.." but her eyes were still looking up. I prayed silently but was surprised that I didn't even drop a tear. The shivers had not gone though.

We decided to take her to a nearby clinic first. I was glad that the usual doctor whom we normally consult was on duty. I rushed in & requested to see the doctor immediately. The doctor was calm & managed to convince me that things were under control. She advised us to monitor Nadeen for another 24hours & if another fit occurred straight away bring her to the hospital.

I expected that night her fever would rise again. I was wrong. She slept all night long & every 4 hours I inserted a suppository through her rectum. The next day she was not eating. As expected, I found mouth ulcers near her throat. Took her to see the doctor again & this time she was prescribed with antibiotic besides the oral aid to sooth her ulcers. Two days after that, she was back at her normal appetite and continued twirling & spinning in her favourite dress.

It was my first. None of my other girls ever experienced such attack before. I am ashamed for being panic. As her mom I should have been in control but Alhamdulillah Nadeen is well. Love you Nadeen!


mokjadeandell said...

Dear Jabishah,
Had a similar experience when one my girls was a baby.Luckily, immediate hospital attention thwarted more serious aftermath.But my niece wasnt that lucky.

Kak Ezza@makcik blogger said...

nadeen...terasa nak luruh jantung baca posting ni!..alhamdulillah semua selamat

jabishah said...

Oh dear Kak Mokja! What happened to your niece?

jabishah said...

Tu la kak Ezza... Panic sangat hari tu. Tuhan aja yang tahu. Alhamdulillah Nadeen dah sihat.

Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Wow..what an experience...I guess if the same thing happened to one of my kids when they were younger I would freeze too. Pasti terkejut sampai tak tau apa nak buat.

Thank God the maid and the doctor were there. And thank God your husband was around to drive to the clinic. And thank God Nadeen is alright now.

Puteri's territory said...

omigosh Ja!!! Traumatised kejap.
Reminded me of Hilman when he was so ill that I was out of my wits tak tau nak buat apa. Mmg jadi terbodoh kejap. Glad everything's ok now.

P/S- I guess being youngest ni mmg mcm2, it is like a sign for us not to have any dah, kan? ahak ahak.

kay_leeda said...

The same thing happened to Farah when she was about Nadeen's age too. She was at the babysitter and I was at work. High fever, pupils dilated...

I was lucky coz babysitter immediately brought Farah to a near by clinic. I didn't want to take chances. We spent two nights in the hospital to have her closely monitored. And you know what was the cause?? Ulcers too!!!

Glad Nadeen is better. Just keep an eye on her whenever she has a temperature next time.

a&a's mom said...

I cant imagine what u went tru that day! It's indeed so scary. That God cutie pie is ok.

jabishah said...


It was something I never want to go thru again. Good thing my maid was fast and Alhamdulillah Nadeen is back on her feet.

jabishah said...

Yes Puteq.. you have a point there! ;-)I was really the worst of mom that day. Bengong semacam! I still have vividly how Nadeen looked like. Scary you... Alhamdulillah she's OK now.

jabishah said...

Thanks for the piece of advice kak kay. The thought that I was so cool with all her sisters whenever they had fever then. Will never take it lightly anymore. Lesson learned... the hard way :-(

jabishah said...

Yes Sheela. It was very scary. I felt numb at one point. Glad she's OK now.

Anonymous said...

viral fever is very dangerous since the fever can go up very quickly and very high temp, my son went through tat at 16mths stop breathing and was turning blue! i was alone too at home, hubby was on a trip. lucky i remembered something i read abt fits, i smacked his back and he took a breathe! rush him to the hospital, stayed 4nites..