Friday, July 16, 2010

HB is 36

It's July the 16th, HB's birthday. He turns 36 today. The plan was to have an early morning date with the birthday boy. Made a booking for us to play badminton together instead he was called up for duty. Hah! Hated it when my plan needed a reschedule. But with him away, it would be easier to plan for a small party of our own.

I don't know about you but whenever there is an occasion to be celebrated, I always make a fuss over things merely to make the girls excited. I doubt at 36 HB wants a special occasion. He has had enough. (Errr... baby if you read this, I still want my gifts on my birthdays ;-))

There is this new bakery shop at my place. I thought of giving it a try. The truth, I kinda bored with SR cakes. At first my intention going to the bakery shop was to get cooking chocolate & decorate a cake myself (well... was checking my luck). Of course, it was not sold.

Today, I paid the shop a visit again. This time with Wardah & Balqis. Managed to sneak from Nadeen for definitely if she knew about the cake, she would want to have the feast right away ;-) Once I entered, I straight headed to the sponge cakes with butter icing. HB loves sponge cakes. To remind him of his childhood I opted for butter icing. If only they had the same deco with ground nuts decorated at the edge. Remember those days?

What I saw in front of me were the very same cakes I saw 2 days back.

I spontaneously said " Alaaa.. ini kek hari tu kan?"

The salesperson without guilt replied , "Kek yang baru, deco saja sama..."

I started to get annoyed. One thing which doesn't age in me is my memory!

I accused her of lying, "Jangan nak tipu saya!"

She still holding the same irritating look answered, "Dah 2, 3 hari tapi masih boleh makan..."

I began to be bitchy, "Soalan senang aja... Kek ni baru atau lama. Susah ke nak jawap?"

She wore a different look now which made me felt guilty. That's my weakness... Duh! But she gave me the answer I wanted.


I knew the cake was edible but I hated it when she lied. Still I purchased as agreed by Wardah & Balqis.

HB came home somewhere around 3pm. Only Nadeen was home. As he was about to retire Balqis came home from mengaji. As if like a ritual, she headed straight to search for us. I already told the girls to act that we have forgotten HB's birthday. So Balqis was playing her role. Now here's their conversation. How Balqis was trying her best to cover up & HB was taking advantage of her vulnerability.

HB : Balqis tak wish papa pun lagi.

Balqis : Wish? Wish apa?

HB : Oooo... tak ingat birthday papa ye?

Balqis : Hari ni birthday papa? (with a look which I wanted to burst out)

Now Balqis was already on the bed with HB.

HB : Balqiiisss.... Mana kek papa?

Balqis : Tak beli kek pun... ( right in front of her dad, she gave this cheeky wink at me)

HB : Cakaplah dekat mana Balqis hide the cake.

Balqis : Mmmmm... dekat fridge bawah (leaped to whisper at me that she tricked papa coz the cake was in the fridge upstairs)

HB : Betul lah ada kek. Balqis tipu ye... Kan papa ajar tak boleh tipu. Nanti masuk api neraka.

Balqis : OKlah. OKlah. Dekat fridge atas.

HB : What shape is the cake?

Balqis : Round

HB : What colour?

Balqis : Orange

HB : Bila Balqis keluar beli?

Balqis : Mmmm... Wednesday

HB : Tipu lagi ke?

Balqis : Yelah. Yelah. Today!

HB : Beli dekat JJ ke SR?

At this point she came to whisper at me. She didn't know the name of the new bakery show.

Balqis : Mama, apa nama kedai tu. Balqis tak bagitau papa...

Hahahaha. How cute... She tried her best to keep the secret though.

We had a small celebration after Wardah came home from school in the evening. There was another drama though. Nadeen claimed the cake was hers. While we were singing to HB at the verse "Happy birthday to papa...", she shouted "Nadeen! No papa!" So we had to sing the song & added "Nadeen" instead of "Papa".

Went out for dinner & on our way in the car, I asked the girls where they wanted to eat. Yasmin asked her dad to choose since it was his birthday. An instant answer we got was from Nadeen..

"Birthday Nadeen! Bukan birthday papa!"


leen said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jemir! I hope he did receive my text or you guys tukar no hp lagi? ;-)Hehehe...

I'll always remember his besday coz sama ngan besday wa. But whatever it is, we're much, much younger than him, kan Ja kan...:-)

a&a'smom said...

Pls convey mu bday greetings to ur DH.

jabishah said...

Yes Leen.... And I know u r itching to type that u are younger than me ! :-P

jabishah said...

Will do Sheela. Thx!