Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Gift

Today marks my parents' wedding anniversary. Their 37th year together. 37! I still have a looong way to go... :-)

We had an earlier celebration last weekend. Had dinner together with my other siblings at Wadi Hadramawt in Ampang. Great place. Scrumptious food. Wonderful company. What else can you ask for?

As for the two of them, they did lunch together. For no particular reason, their lunch date on a special occasion together (which also include birthdays) will always be the Secret Recipe Restaurant at Alpha Angle. They will order the usual... In fact, they get to know this staff there who is very familiar with their orders. I'm not sure of the drinks but their main course will be a Japanese Soba & a Lamb Stew which they will share together :-) But something funny happened today. The usual staff was no longer working there & they had to go through the menu. Assisted by their reading glasses, they somehow had a problem with the Irish Lamb Stew they were familiar with. It has been so long the Lamb Stew is now Lamb Shank ma... ;-)

Before lunch they were somewhere at Jln TAR. Well... you see, my dad sometimes has to go do his errands in town & whenever it is at JTAR or even somewhere near JTAR, my mom can't be happier ;-) But today they did not go separate ways like always. My dad was with my mom searching for something in particular.

Remember my post on A Start? Well, my parents are aware of my schedule every Wednesday afternoon & they looked so please when they found out that I have now started attending the class privately. Yes, twice a week... just me & the ustazah. Alhamdulillah...

It was only a couple of weeks back that I mentioned to mom that I was getting a new Al-Quran. The one I am using does not highlight on the tajwid & my ustazah has recommended one for me to buy. Upon hearing that, my mom announced that she & my dad would get one for me. Apparently, they have already the intention to get one for all 3 of us.

They day at SR, Alpha Angle did not stop there. They called me up to inform that they were coming over to give me the gift. It touched me.... It is indeed a very meaningful gift.

This copy indicates the tajwid through specific colours with page by page translation.

Thank you abah. Thank you ma. Happy Anniversary!! You know... it is really me who should get you something :-)


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, You really made my day suddenly appearing at my pondok.
Much water has flowed over Sungei Gombak since I last saw you around, and I was younger too, ha ha.

But really nice you remembered me.
My very best congratulations to your parents, wishing them many more to come.

And how's the gang? All grown bigger too. Hugs to them, and you keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaa, love the new gift ... must get one for myself .. love the transalation bit .. do u think u can ask ur parents whr exactly they got it ...


jabishah said...

Hi Anon,

Sorry for this late reply. OK my parents got them at Pustaka Mukmin Jln TAR, KL. I so love it! Now I understand what I read & the coloured tajwid indicator helps a lot!

jabishah said...

Dear Uncle Lee,

How could I forget you? I missed your lovely comments. So entertaining! The girls are doing good. They hv all grown up now. You should look at Nadeen. She'll be 3 this Dec! You tak care now...