Monday, November 29, 2010

Have Fun Wardah!

I published a post on Wardah last October about a camp she was selected in & today is the first day of the camp. Well technically it was the second day... We were late. Some students had already registered yesterday or even on Saturday itself. The course started today & my Wardah sort of missed half a day.

I was at first disappointed with the misunderstanding. We were amongst the very few parents who registered late that morning. When I noticed the other children were already in their respective classes & Wardah had just gotten there, I felt this slight guilt for not reading the offered letter comprehensively. Only then I remembered the "Early Registration" & "Late Registration" stated in the letter which I ignored & didn't feel the need to inquire. My fault...

Once after we registered, she was given her room key. I was quite familiar with the hostel. Used to be a resident there 15 years ago :-) Her room was cosy. Sharing with another student but she registered yesterday. Only her belongings welcomed us.

In her new room

After I unpacked her stuff & instructed her of a few trivial things, we left for her class. She was in MSA 2. A Science class & most of her time will be in a Biology Lab.

The lab. She was nervous which is so obvious.

We parted wearing a smile. No tears. Frankly, I wasn't worried of her tears. Mine that I was more concern of. I lost when packing for her. Defeated again when I put her to bed last night. Today, I was one cool mom! Tearless ;-) Perhaps it was what she said to me. I was sobbing & hugging her the night before but she comforted me with a smile... & said,

"Seminggu je mama. Will see you again on Sunday."

Yes. Students are allowed to have visitors on Sundays. The curfew is at 7pm. I have made plans of course ;-)

Seeing her so calm like that made me feel way better. It seems that she has grown up overnight. Seriously... she didn't drop a single tear! Well, just not yet!

Received her call this evening. The minute I heard her voice, I knew something was wrong. Tried to ignore it & instead I asked her of her day. She said she made new friends, the instructors were good to her but it was all tiring. At this point her voice started cracking & she broke down...

"Mama, Wardah nak balik... Penat mama..."

At the other end of the line I was doing my best to control my voice. Today was only a half day activity for her & what about a full day activity of the following days? Can she handle it? Of course I have to be positive for her. Gave her encouragements. Told her how proud we were of her. It calmed her a bit. When she told me that even her room mate was crying too, it made me feel better. I guess it is a phase of adjusting.

HB agreed. This is part of the process of her being independent. I had always been there for her. Guess this time I have to trust others. I know it's best for her. Still, I look forward to her response tomorrow. If it is still negative, I will make the call.

Both HB & I knew this was coming once we found out from one of the staff that the children need to walk to the Faculty from the hostel & from the Faculty back to the hostel . Walking, especially in a hot day is not what Wardah does best.

InsyaAllah, tomorrow will be a better day... Will update. We miss you home darling. Have fun there.


Madam Tai Tai No More said...

I hope she will adjust well after the first day. I'm sure she misses you and her family very much, however the hectic pace of the subsequent days will take her mind of it for a while. And once she makes more friends, she will be fine.

You hang in there ok. It won't be long before you see her again. :-)

AuntieYan said...

Salam Jabishah,

Sama lah kita, but Wardah will be with you soon..I miss my Jim very much..another 2 days more for him to endure the 'minggu suaikenal'

Last night he smsed me saying..." mak, rimas le minggu orentasi ni..letih & tah apa-apa! "
Ayooo...jangan kata nak balik dahhh !

jabishah said...

Thx Gina. As true as you mentioned... she has started coping. The first night she called crying wanting to go back. 2nd night sobbed telling she needed both her parents. 3rd night sounded very happy & announced that she was getting better & tonight at 10 pm she has not yet called!
I miss her yes. Cried the 1st 2 nights. But of course not when I was on the phone with her. Now knowing that she is happy there, I feel a lot better.

jabishah said...

Tu lah Auntie Yan... Dah nama mak diorg kan ;-)