Thursday, December 2, 2010

3 & 6

I notice how seldom I update on Nadeen here. I used to do that at least on monthly basis. Especially when she was a baby. Well I blame my easier access to FB instead ;-)

Today is her 3rd birthday. My baby is a big girl now... She used to address herself as "baby" but now & then prefers "princess". Occasionally, "Nadeen". It is Balqis who keeps babying her. She doesn't address Nadeen nothing other than baby. After all, she is her baby sister :-)

Nadeen is starting school next year. I'm sure she is ready for it. She gets bored being stuck at home whenever all her sisters are in school. So next year she will fly her wing away from mama's cocoon. Awww... I'm feeling melancholy already!

I don't worry much about her coping though. She has enough orientation at home. It seems that they frequently role play "teacher & students" nowadays. Even Wardah used to join in. No! Not Yasmin... If I happen to see her in a role, I am 100% sure it is by force ;-) And it never lasts for long. It is either she quits or is fired by her sisters. Hahaha! She rather browses the net or read her books.

Nadeen's words articulation is marvelous for her age. OK, I may be bias there... She has problem with the sound "k" meeting the sound "ch". Like "Catching" becomes "Checking". OK that doesn't really sound hilarious I know. How about "Kacau" becomes "Cakau? "Kucing" is "Cuking" (told her to stick with cat) & "Kencing is "Cengking" (good that now she prefers shishi). I found it weird when she could pronounce "Kicap" at ease. Later I noticed she said it as "Ticap" not "Kicap". So I corrected her to "Kicap" & guess what came out? Oh yes! "Cikap"... (Hahaha! Stay with "Ticap" Nadeen). I'm sure she will pass that stage pretty soon.

Since Balqis's birthday was just last Wednesday, both girls had a birthday do together. It was held at home this time. Let's the photos do the narrating... :-)

On Balqis's birthday. We lunched out & had this cake for dessert :-)

For the party, Balqis requested a Castle Cake & Nadeen simply agreed. Guess I passed the test because later I was called the Cake Boss! Bye Buddy... Hello Ja... ;-)

The simple deco


My parents with one of the birthday girls

I normally come out with one or two games when I host the girls' birthday party. This time around I decided to try with Pinata! It was fun! Though it was quite tough for the children to get their candies ;-)

Nadeen was the first to hit the nothing fancy Pinata...

Wardah's 1st attempt

Many others did but it was kind of too solid for them ;-)

HB had to make a tear & it helped a lot!

The final hit from Balqis and....

everyone rushed on the ground for their snack ;-)

These 2 brothers sure had a great time! :-)

Next came the cake... The princesses with their miniature castle.

All eyes on the cake...

Oooppss..! Wrong candle Nadeen!

Nadeen is 3, Balqis is 6, their mom is 36 & their grandma is 63!

Balqis asked, "Mama, nak potong dekat mana?" :-)

The almost ruined castle ;-)

Later in the evening, another Pinata came out...

Nadeen in action...

Unwrapping their presents...

Today Nadeen got her ears pierced! Check that pose... ;-) She cried a bit but it was merely out of shock. After checking her reflection in the mirror she switched to her princess mode :-)

Happy birthday Balqis! Happy birthday Nadeen! Muah! Muah! We love you loads!!


Puteri's territory said...

Happy Birthday Nadeen and Balqis!!!

Ja - cantiknya cake u!! Sorry had to miss the party, thot I could make it but we came home late from KL and everyone was too tired to go. Sorry.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Jabishah, Happy birthday to Nadeen. Holy Smoke! She is a big girl. I remember couple of years back you tolak her in the baby stroller pergi airport.
Happy birthday to her!
Okay, now she is 3, time to get another baby, *wink*.
Ha ha ha.

Hey, I thought that 'pinata' you supposed to be blindfolded then spin person around tiga kali, then let them hit it?
I know they have this in Mexico and South America.

Jabisha, I noted your comment in my pondok...but regret my Apple Imac cannot buka your address.
If you like, give me your email address dua postings back, I will note then delete off.

Assure you of my closed mouth, ha ha....kalau tidak like that fellow mistake wife for mother, ha ha.
Have fun, hugs to the gang, and good flight to Captain, Lee.

jabishah said...

Thanks auntie..

Hahaha... It was not that smooth though but the girls liked it oklah. Takpa next time hope you cld mk it :-)

jabishah said...

Hi there uncle lee,

Yes she is 3! She grows up too fast that one! But she is our baby girls forever. Am done with 4 ;-)

Yeah pinata is supposed be blindfolded... but they even had trouble with the one I made even not folded. Hahaha...

I got your mail ;-) Wink! Wink! Look forward to your post abt auntie :-)

You take care now..