Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tamil Nadu, India - Day 5

Some may have thought that I have ended my travel log on Tamil Nadu, India trip. Well not yet. Hehehe.. I don't know why it's just out of the blue I start to enjoy blogging again. This is the 4th post for this month! That I tell you is indeed an improvement.. ;-)

At Day 4, I left readers at our parting with Uncle & Auntie at the hotel we stayed in Chennai. You may read here.

On day 5, we had breakfast at the hotel. Just the 6 of us. Down with 7. The plan after breakfast was to explore Chennai but it crossed my mind.. where exactly should we start? HB had the answer for that. He had contacted the MAS area manager in Chennai informing him of our arrival. So that very morning, the first place we visited was MAS town office ;-)

At the hotel

That morning a minister was having a meeting at the hotel. We saw men in uniform outside of the hotel. Very familiar uniform! The 'Inspector Sahab' uniform in Hindi & Tamil movies! The opportunity was grabbed to pose with them ;-)

We looked rigid, I know...

Mr Wan, the area manager was kind enough to brief us of places to visit around Chennai. He even called a car rental company to send us an MPV with a driver to take us around town. How sweet of him. Not only that he went down with us to meet the driver & told him of the places to take us. The final destination he instructed was his house, for dinner :-)

Mr. Wan with HB & that one in green was no secretary ;-)

It was an office girls... not a playground!

Mr. Wan with us at his office..

Our first stop of the day was at Rathna Store. OK. We shopped just enough for the family ;-) Well, 6 of us altogether so we didn't do that bad really :-) Too bad I forgot to snap on things we bought but I sure love the different sizes of woks. Hehehe...

Posing a contented smile ;-)

It was only our first stop of the day but we had past our regular lunch time. Not a good start... Told the driver to take us to a halal restaurant & again we came face to face with Pelita. Nobody complained though :-)


Our transport for the day

Next the plan was to go to Gundy Children Park & Snake Park but it was closed on Tuesdays. Guess what day was it that day? Yes, Tuesday... If you have been following my travel log, you would remember a few of such incidents ;-) Oh well... We went to the park next door instead. It was open.

A memorial park

This tree looked kind of eerie

The architecture attracted our attention. Not to the girls though :-) Still they didn't hesitate to pose in that hot day.

Notice Balqis at far left. She chose to pose under the shed ;-)

After the photo shoots at the park we had no idea to go. It was still early for Marina Beach. HB told the driver to take us to see the buildings in Chennai. First stop was Anna University ;-)

College of Engineering

Was I glad to have a driver to take us around...

Despite the reckless driving accidents are seldom

Us in our rideThe Police HQ

Next we visited was the High Court. The others were already asleep by this time except for Balqis who had no choice but to play model for papa ;-)

.... and more photos around the bustling city of Chennai

Yes, only Balqis was still available for modeling ;-) Others were still in dreamland...

Didn't get the chance to try this one :-(

The Railway Station

Atos everywhere...

Wanna catch a movie? ;-)

The time showed a few minutes past 4pm. We still had a couple of hours to kill before sunset. Next stop was supposed to be Marina Beach but it was still too hot. I anyhow gave a brilliant idea. Hehehe! We had another round of....


Goofing whist waiting for their parents ;-)

Even found themselves a prince!

How about this one papa? ;-)

OK. I got a little carried away... still we managed to get to the beach by sunset. BUT! The walk to the water was like forever. It was close to a half km walk & mind you it was paddling on the beach sand. It took us a longer time.

Sunset... No sight of the water yet!

People who visit Chennai will make an appoint to visit the Marina Beach, hence the crowd. It is one of the longest beach in the country. The distance from north down to south is 13km.

Finally we made it to the water. It was getting darker. This was a shot with flash.

A family portrait (without flash)

A penny for their thoughts... :-)

We later were driven to our final destination - Wan's residence. It was a great dinner for famished us ;-) Thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Wan for their warm hospitality.

With Wan's family in Chennai

*to be continued


a&a's mom said...

Oh we too went to the Marina BEACH! Just luv the fine texture of the sand

jabishah said...

Oh hi sheela! You're back! So tell us abt your experience of Incredible India!