Friday, December 17, 2010

She's home!

Yes! Wardah is home. She's like a chatterbox talking non-stop of her stay. I expected she would feel down for leaving her friends. Not at all... ;-)

She looked tired. For the past 3 weeks, her wake call was at 5.30am! We'll see what time will she wake up tomorrow. I bet earlier than me!

I survived the 3 weeks without one of my girls around. I can't lie. The first week was hard. It made it worse when it was difficult for her as well. The second week was smooth for us both & the third week felt like she was merely at school ;-)

To dear mothers out there, it is hard to let go I know. Like it or not you have to do it. If it's the best for our children then be it. Don't pamper them & most importantly don't let yourself get carried away longing for them. I had to keep reminding myself that I needed to be around for my other 3 girls as well. It wouldn't give a good impression to them if I only concentrate on one.

I heard that there were 3 campers who gave in & went home. Well Wardah... you did it darling! If I were to bring you home when you were wailing for it on the first night, things would be very different. I will have to take a difficult longer time to accept the fact that letting go is a process of growing up & you my girl will not understand the meaning of being independent.


Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Well done both of you! It certainly is hard for a mother to be apart from her children, and vice versa (applicable only to young kids, kalau yang besar tu memang suka lah to be independent and leave the house). But time is our saviour. Alhamdulillah.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday with the kids. Have fun!

Puteri's territory said...

Welcome home Wardah,
so was it good? Did she enjoy the sessions?

jabishah said...

It is indeed true.You know after awhile I got used to the situation & so did she. Yasmin tried her luck proposing to go for a boarding school since I hv succeeded to let go. My answer was still a NO ;-)

You enjoy yours too...

jabishah said...

Yes. She had a wonderful time there. I could see that she has changed a bit. Slightly more independent than before but one thing so obvious is the food she consumes now. Banyak you! Not picky too. Apa ada on her plate habis...
Oh another thing, her FB friends have multiplied now too ;-)