Thursday, December 9, 2010

We miss you Wardah!

OK here's an update of my Wardah who is now away from us. Well, not that far yes. Still... Being apart from each other is very foreign to this family. An exception though with their dad ;-)

You may want to read here on why she is away & here on how we tried to adjust with this new situation.

Visits are allowed on Sundays. As clearly written in the offer letter, campers are permitted to go out with their parents but they are prohibited to go outside of Bangi except for Kajang. Now, the curfew is at 7pm & we are allowed to take our child starting from 8am. If I get my Math right, that is exactly 11 hrs. How & where do you spend such long time around Bangi & Kajang?

A little bird told me that rules are meant to be broken... Naughty, naughty bird! Shoo! Shoo!

I looked forward for last Sunday. The original plan was to be there by 9am. She anyhow called the night before saying that I could fetch her as early as 8 am. Still, she didn't sound sure herself. I took my sweet time driving & reached her hostel a quarter past eight. Not too early & neither too late.

I found her in front of the foyer. Was about to press the keypads to her phone when the glimpse of me put her to a halt. Smiling all the way & her friends forgotten, she ran to me. My girl looked grown up & she said I looked thinner! Me? Thinner? Hahaha! Well, that was definitely an illusion of a pair of disunited mother & daughter.


I was ushered to a room. There I met the other parents. We had to present our IC & signed on a piece of paper for safety purposes. I could also see the other campers at the foyer playing table tennis & chatting away. Those according to Wardah were the campers who were staying in for the day due to geographical purposes. Good thing she is in UKM! Bangi is less than half an hour drive from home.

In the car, Wardah was talking non-stop of her stay & her new experiences. I knew she was happy. It made me feel a lot better. I think when the time comes to part with the other campers, she will have a difficult time. Everybody seems to be good to her.

At home (geographically 30km away from Bangi ;-)) we had breakfast together. The girls enjoyed Wardah's story about this & that but what they liked most were the gifts Wardah got for them at Petrosains, KLCC. (Campers go for educational trips on Fridays. Last week was Petrosains, this week is Aquaria & next will be Planetarium).

HB was working that morning. Both father & daughter had a very limited time together. If most of my enquiries were more on her stay & her whereabouts, HB's focused on the activities & experiments she did in the lab. You see Wardah was selected for the Scientists group. So most of her activities involve experiments & observations. It was very interesting listening to them discussing science. My least favourite subject ;-) Yasmin, on the other hand joined in with enthusiasm. But there were a few things that she was familiar with based from her readings. I don't understand these girls... it was barely an hour meeting each other but Yasmin had to tease her sister about a few of her failed experiments. Sisters!

After bidding farewell to HB, the 2 disappeared. I was busy in the kitchen preparing lunch & when I went upstairs I saw both Yasmin & Wardah in their room laughing & chatting away with a NB each in front of them. That was how Wardah spent most of her time at home that Sunday ;-)

After Asar prayer we went to Alamanda to get a few things for Wardah. Had a very early dinner & off to Bangi. We left Putrajaya at approximately 25 mins to curfew time. Wardah was relaxed about it. She was not worried for being late at all! Reached her hostel 3 mins before 7pm. We were not late after all.

I helped Wardah with her things to her room. Once settled I told her that I had to get back home to catch Maghrib prayer. She started to look down. I hugged & kissed her. That did it! She started to sob & within seconds tears came rolling down her cheeks. Oh no! I hated to leave her like that...

After awhile she got better. I drove off & prayed softly that she would eventually feel better. This was exactly what HB warned me. A visit might bring trouble.

As I was reaching home, she called & was crying out loud through the phone receiver. It broke my heart... Yes. But I know Wardah just too well. Perhaps all my readers here come to know her by now. She is a drama queen at times & I forced myself to believe she was again in one of her acts. I comforted her of course. It didn't worry me much because from what I gathered after all the stories she showered me with, she was happy there. It was only at that point of saying goodbye which she is never good at.

Somewhere at 9pm she rang me up again. In a gaily voice she said, "Wardah dah OK. Love you Mama!". See... didn't I say so ;-)

I have made plans for this coming Sunday. It's HB's off day & we are watching Rapunzel!

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