Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nadeen - A Big Girl!

My blog readers wouldn't need introduction to Nadeen. I used to update her milestone religiously every single month as early as the day she was born (you may want to read here). She is our youngest girl of 4. Very cheeky & never fails to look irresistible to us.... what more to others. Geraaaammm.....!

Remember the first time I introduced her to solid food? (I posted it here ). How about her first steps? (I published the video here). It feels just like yesterday... Really ! How time flies.... and guess what? Nadeen is now in kindergarten!!

She is in a 4-year-old class. Turned 3 last December & by year she should be 4 years old this year. Normally I send all my girls to a playschool (3 years old class). Not Nadeen though. Her being a year end baby is one thing & my busy schedule ferrying the elder girls is another.

All this while, she merely tags along sending her sisters to school. Now she has one of her own... Of course she was very excited about school. Yes 'was'.. Hehehe! Don't worry. She's OK. It's just that she is not extremely excited about it anymore... Why?

You see, I have visited the kindie thrice during the school holidays. First was to check on the kindie, second was to make the booking & third was to collect her school uniform. In all 3 visits Nadeen was with me. Why exactly she is less excited about going to school? Well, check out her response after her first day of school last Wednesday... "Mama! Ramainya orang...!". I can't believe it that she wanted the kindie all to herself!! Hahaha!

A pose at home... All excited about school ;-)

Upon reaching her kindie, she reminded me not to stay around. None of us was allowed in... She listed them down like "Papa tak boleh, Mama tak boleh, Kakak Min tak boleh, Kakak Wardah tak boleh, Kakak Balqis tak boleh...". So I did as instructed & passed her to her teacher the moment we reached the kindie.

Still I managed to make her pose for me. Notice the look? Konon malu-malu ;-)

Off she went with her teacher.... Not even a glance at mama! :-(

Check that out... Her own space! I like... ;-)

Temperature check. I'm glad they opt for a forehead infrared thermometer.

With her new friends. No, I didn't snap this photo. Her principal was kind enough to steal a shot ;-)

If it were not for HB, I would have stayed around longer & observe her from outside. But, HB being HB dragged me (not literally of course!) to the car & we had breakfast together instead! Our friends happened to join us & a short breakfast took a longer time. We reached the kindie just before it ended.

Nadeen was no where to be seen. I saw the children started to queue up & there I was trying my best to search for my little girl. It was then when I heard loud & clear from inside, "Amirah Nadeen... Come over here & line up!". Woohhooo! A scolding on her first day of school? :-)

She appeared with the lower half of her body exposed! What exactly did you do in class Nadeen?? ;-)

Kakak Balqis insisted to fetch her too right after mengaji...

Once she saw me, requested to be carried ;-)

The following day was quite a challenge for me to get her into her uniform. She just refused to put it on. HB tried but failed as well. Out of ideas, I ignored her & continued getting ready. Guess what in the end made her change her mind? Well, it was not exactly how it worked... More like a bribe that is...

My compact powder!

She saw me with it & begged to try it on. I made a deal with her to put on her uniform first. She agreed. After she was done , I told her she looked very pretty & her friends at school would love to have a look at her. And that was how I managed to make her go to her kindie on the second day.

I was worried of the other days... Not a drama, a day! Pleeeeaaseee...! The truth, I knew how it should work. Was just denying it. From experience, if I were to get them ready for kindie, that's when the drama begins. They go so manja & making excuses not to go. It won't happen if my maid wake them up & get them ready. No choice. I had to give in. So everyday when I send off the elder girls to school, my maid will wake up Balqis & Nadeen. By the time I reach home, both have showered & already at the dining room having their breakfast.

It has been almost a week for Nadeen. So far so good... I still address her baby though obviously she is now a big girl!


a&a'smom said...

OMG, Nadeen is not 1 yro!? I cant believe she's 4 already. LOL, what did she do till he buttons were undone! So now your baby is also in school & time really flies.

Yatie_T said...

Hi Ja,
It's been awhile.... Happy new year to you and family. Its not too late to wish Nadeen a happy belated 3rd birthday, right. Happy birthday, Nadeen!

jabishah said...

Hi there sheela,
She's not 4 yet till the end of the year. Yes indeed! Time flies way too fast :-(

jabishah said...

Hey yatie ! How have you been? Been a while yes... How,s Josh? Kisses to the little man ;-)