Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How was your 1st day of school?

Happy New Year to all my readers. As always, every new year begins with a celebration. Not merely the fireworks & all but a birthday. My Wardah is a new year child & every strike of midnight on new years follows with a birthday wish. In fact, yearly she will remind us that the whole world celebrates her birthday! Yeah right ... Wardah! ;-D

Wardah with her new look, at a friend's BBQ do on new year eve

I have 3 school going children this year. Last year I was so looking forward to do the chauffering for 2011. No more double sessions for me... Yes! As far as I knew, Year 6, Year5 & Year 1 have always been in the morning session. Less worry about Balqis is Year 1 too. She has 2 elder sisters around to sort of babysit her at school. What more when they are both school prefects! ;-) (Yes, Yasmin was renominated again as a prefect this year after declining the offer last year)

My happiness didn't last for long. I got to know during Balqis's Year 1 orientation, the Year ones will be in the afternoon session together with Year twos & Year threes. Duh!! It was a dejavu really...! It happened once in 2009 I think when both of my girls were supposed to be in the afternoon session but one was to be in the morning... You know what I had in mind? I wished to migrate so that I wld be done with this double sessions thing!

Oh well... I just have to get used to it. Pretty tiring I can't lie. I will update on my daily chauffering schedule one of these days.

In the morning the elder girls were ready in record time. Looked forward to meeting their friends. I sort of pulled their legs when I sent them off that morning. Wanted to pull over & check on their new classrooms.. The response I got from both were ,"Noooo! Go home mama!". Hah! ;-D Anyway, I had to go back & get Balqis for her mengaji class.

After mengaji which was at 10am, Balqis was already so anxious to change to her school uniform. She was very energetic & there was no sign of nervousness at all. Being in a new school is one thing... To be dressed head to toe in new attires is another ;-)

At last it was time to go to school. We were kind of late. There was a traffic on the way to school. Balqis in the car didn't look herself. She was rather nervous but the feeling of excitement showed as well ;-)

Balqis, even though late didn't mind at all to pose in front of her new school

First day was rather disorganised. But I wouldn't blame the school. Worried or rather excited parents sort of put a halt to the smoothness of the programme. To me that was normal. I have nothing to complain...

The wait to get to her class..

Balqis is in 1 Omega. She found her class at ease. I could have just left her but the number of the other parents around disturbed me. I knew Balqis is independent enough but it might hit her if she saw other parents stayed around for their children but hers did not.

Another thing that could have affected me was perhaps that I am a 'nostalgia phobic' ;-) You see, I was there for Yasmin & Wardah when they were in Year 1 & not being there for Balqis seemed like a sin. Really!

Good that the school allows us parents to be around for only 3 days. My routine will be sending her off & staying around for a while. Take the elder girls back home & after sending Wardah for mengaji, I will drop off to see Balqis during her recess time. That I think is sufficient. Only the last day or perhaps today, I try to vanish for a while. See how it goes ;-)

The elder girls with their friend

I was on time to greet her for recess :-)


She got home quite late yesterday. I was there inside the school. The plan was only to be around by the gate but upon seeing other parents entering the school compound, I did as well. When I saw Balqis as she was dismissed, the expression she wore was kind of worried. When I approached, her dimple welcomed me. She said she was worried that I forgot to fetch her... :-)

In the car when we asked about her day in school, her answer was... "Lamanya sekolah!". Hahahaha! I guess afternoon session doesn't agree to her just yet ;-)


Kak Ezza@makcik blogger said...

kalau perempuan....gerenti semua beg kaler pink! hahaha...

tak penat kamu ni menghantar mengambik anak ke sekolah..akak baca pun dah naik penat..hahaha
bas sekolah tak da ke kat situ Ja..?

jabishah said...

Oh yes kak ezza... tak pink, purple! But Yasmin dah slowly lari drp pink. Dah besarlah konon ;-)

Hahahha... Kak Ezza ni kelakarlah! Ja idak la duduk ulu ke beno. Ada nmpk jugak kelibat bas sekolah tu... van sapu lagi banyak ;-) Tapi kesian lah kak... pagi2 dah kena siap. Pastu blk 1,2 jam habis sekolah baru sampai rumah. Penat memanglah kak. Habih nak buat camno ..? ;-D