Friday, January 20, 2012

Results Day

My last post was on Yasmin's achievements in the year 2011. This one is like a continuation to the entry.

When she was announced as the Best Student of her school, the UPSR result had not yet come out. Knowing that the following day was the big day put more pressures on her & her mom especially...

You know, during the Hari Anugerah, I didn't shed a tear at all. I was happy, I was proud but it didn't get through my inner emotions deeply. The morning when her result came out as I was getting ready to send them to school it hit me... I found out that Wardah performed a solat hajat on behalf of her sister who was menstruating. A hajat for a straight As result. Such sisterly bond put this mom in tears...

I was nervous... dead nervous. Parents were allowed to go to school at 11am to get the result. HB was off that day so it was quite comforting to go through that day with him next to me. I remembered having breakfast with him & discussing Yasmin. Told him that I could accept her result no matter what because I saw her efforts. But I was not ready at all to see her frustration. Just couldn't bear to see it what more to face it...

At the peak of our chat, I received a phone call. My niece who serves for KPM. She sounded chirpy that Thursday morning & her exact words were "Ada good news...". Shared the news with HB & my parents. I then knew exactly how they felt when I did well in exams. Still HB warned me not to get too excited just yet.

As we were walking to the car, I remembered a mistake I made 12 years ago. A young wife who refused to listen to her husband. I did not immediately consult an ob/gyn right after I did my pregnancy test at home. I waited until the whole 1st trimester was over only did I set an appointment! I missed the folic acid prescription & HB was quite annoyed with me. Opening the car door I asked HB.. "So am I forgiven over the folic acid episode?" ;-)

It was still too early to go to her school. HB suggested that we get Yasmin the gift we promised her. Now tell me who was getting too excited... ;-P

We reached her school exactly at 11am. By that time the school was already crowded with anxious parents. The year 6 pupils assembled in the hall. I saw a few sobbing... We were practically late!

I was only mid way towards the hall when the teacher started to announce the names of the 5As students. First was Amirah Fatini... The girl walked up to the stage crying. Almost reaching the hall Amirah Yasmin was called out! I reached the front hall just in time. She was making her way to the stage when she found me. Made a detour to hug me first & off to the stage to receive her result slip.

Being there to witness her happiness with her friends put me to tears. Alhamdulillah all of her good friends scored straight As.

Tears of joy...

A few of her good friends. All 5As scorer.. Well done girls!

Showing off their slips

HB & I had a small talk with the headmaster & a few other parents. Yasmin excused herself. Later I found out that she was searching for her sister Wardah. Wardah knew that Yasmin was looking for her hid behind her friends. Yasmin being Yasmin.. wanted to leave after scanning the area & found no sight of Wardah. She was never good at this hide & seek game ;-)

Sensing that her sister was not playing along Wardah made herself visible & called out for her sis. Both embraced & the younger one congratulated the elder.. the elder thanking the younger for performing her solat hajat . I have to thank Wardah's classmate who captured such precious moment of my 2 girls.


Congratulations Yasmin. Remember that this is only the starting of your battle to succeed. It's not over yet my dear. More await..... But with your continuous efforts & doas insyaAllah it will make easy for you.

Wardah, it's your year this year. You've seen how Kak Yasmin was, preparing for her UPSR & you saw the scenario during results day. The key is multiple efforts & endless doas my dear... InsyaAllah.


Lizamurni Lokman said...

i had teary eyes too reading this turn is yet to come, i hope i'll be strong and well, just a little cry should be okay...heheh

jabishah said...

Hehehe.. true dikny. It's not wrong at all to cry. I look forward to more tears of joy.... insyaAllah.