Friday, February 3, 2012

The Pledge

Tonight I have all my girls with me again... Ever since January 4th, my Fantastic Four is down to 3 & only reunited during weekends.

Yasmin is in boarding school. At 13 I thought & still think it is such a tender age to start a life away from your parents. I did not agree to the idea but HB managed to convince me to let go of my 1st born baby. He sort of applied a reversed psychology on me... You see, Yasmin has always been an active student. She has the potential to achieve more for her future. As HB put it "She needs a school that can challenge her & you're (referring to Yasmin's mom... ;-P) just being selfish for disagreeing to the idea". The word selfish was a bit disturbing. Nah..! It was a major disturbance!

The truth hurts... I wanted her near. Doubt that another person can take care of her rather than her own mother. Being a full time mom, I sometimes even doubt that she could handle her own self!

Made a pledge... She could make an application to a boarding school. I clearly stated ONE & I will choose the school. She agreed. Hence the online application to the nearest boarding school in Cyberjaya.... less than 15 minutes drive from home ;-P

My doas was if the school is a platform for her future success, please make the path easy for her. The result came out & she made it... Alhamdulillah. Then came the mental preparation for both mother & daughter.


ibu,mommy,mom... said...

Wow. Amazed at your abilities to let your firstborn go...

jabishah said...

Im amazed with myself too.. ;-) It was not easy but I just had to do it. Alhamdulillah.. So far so good.