Friday, February 24, 2012

Farewell Sk TPP

Last Friday marked the final day of me ferrying the girls in & out Sk Taman Putra Perdana. It gave me this melancholic impact. Really... You see I had been running the chore ever since the year 2006. That year & the year 2008 was a single shift for me.Year 2007, 2009 & way till 2011 I was doing double shifts, morning & afternoon. Sure it was only a 2.5km drive but to think of the kilometres I traveled! Kindly do the Math for me... :-)

The truth the school was not our 1st choice when I registered Yasmin for year 1. We submitted her name at a smart school in Cyberjaya. It was quite a distance yes then unlike now. But me being me... I want a school that is best for her (well private schools were & still are not up to our budget.. ;-)) At the same time I heard that most Cyberjaya residents in those days didn't really send their kids there. There were less residential areas compared to now & most expats there rather chose a private school in Seri Kembangan. Hence my concern over her potential peers...

Canceled her registration & reregistered her at the nearest school of a Petaling District. The school was doing very well & was quite picky accepting its pupils. Knowing that, I borrowed a friend's address which was quite closed to the school. Our registration was rejected... What gave it away could be the house phone I jotted down. It was clearly not from the same district of the school. The teacher in charged actually gave the number a call merely to confirm that the number was from a resident in TPP & my maid who answered, revealed the answer she needed. I later gave her a call as she requested me to return her call. She was kind of annoyed upon finding out the address I used was from a group of bachelors' house... This teacher practically drove to check on the address! By then I was no longer interested in that school... Hence Yasmin's name listed for SkTPP.

The first few years in that school I could see that the school was struggling to achieve. The first HM was not well. A few years after he passed on (Al-Fatihah...). An acting HM was in charged & later came another HM who was nearing retirement. It was the HM replacing him who made the difference to SkTPP.

What I like most about the school is its utilisation of technology. It has its own homepage. Updated almost daily... Even a full report of its weekly school assembly is posted every Monday. Both for morning & afternoon session. It even has its on FB account with loads of photos uploaded for parents to view. The best of all is this HM is merely a phone call, an sms, an FB msg & even a Whatsapp away. He might not reply immediately but it wouldn't take him more than a week to attend to us parents.

We are moving pretty soon. Hence my transferring the girls to a different school. Wardah I had shifted as early as January since she would be taking UPSR this year. Ironically, as much as I tried not to register Yasmin in SkTPP, it was really this school I prefer Wardah to be this year. The journey is a hinder though. HB was teasing that then I was so wanting the girls to be schooling in Petaling District but now when she could be in a school situated in the heart of Petaling... I want the Sepang District instead...! Hehehe... very funny!

To all teachers of SkTPP, from the bottom of my heart I thank all of you. It was an honour to me & especially to my girls to have a learning experience with such dedicated lots like you. The school will be missed but the memory will be cherished.

Enjoy the pictures....

Balqis making her way out of the school for the final time as a student.

She was smiling away... it was really not a big deal to her ;-)

I insisted her to pose here... & the smile was no force! ;-)

This was taken on her 1st day as a pupil of SkTPP

With a heavy heart I drove off but... I was not done yet. Instructed Wardah to snap photos of my journey back home from school. She gave me a sneer & murmured "You're the weirdest..". Huh! You'll be thanking me when you go through this post a year from now!

And here you go... My route of 6 years & 2 months. I bet I can drive in & out blindfolded!

Now here are photos of Balqis in her new school. She's doing fine there. On her first day the remark was "Tak best langsung...". The next day was "Balqis sukalah sekolah tu..". Hold that feeling Balqis :-)

The first thing I asked her to do was to copy down the time table

... and of course a pose for mama is a must ;-)

Her new class mates

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