Monday, February 27, 2012

So Long Our Little Hut

To those who frequent our house would remember this little hut which never fails to welcome its guests. It holds to lots of our family memories. The elder girls especially have such fond moments together under our little hut. Playing dolls, pets, colouring, painting name it...

As we are getting ready to move on to a new place, we decided to give away our little hut to a new owner. The hut was built by HB & it is a sentimental value to us. To transport it to the new house is possible but no longer practical. Hence passing it to our dear neighbour whom we know will take good care of our dear hut.

With our little pondok in the background. Carrying Nadeen at 8 months

Our hut hosted lots of the girls birthday parties. These 2 photos were during the last birthdays celebrated. We normally have 2 celebrations each year. Wardah & Yasmin in Feb, Balqis & Nadeen in Dec.

Feb last year

Dec 2010. We had the younger girls' at McD last year because we were already busy packing.

Now here go the pictures when we shifted the pondok to its new place...

This was the tricky part... There was a slope that hindered.

Zaki, our neighbour, the new owner of our little hut was leading the movement

Off it went...

A smooth ride...

Another challenged moment... To transport it across the big drain

This mini forklift was a great help...

The plan was to forklift it the other side... but failed.

Hence the manpower of 6 men...

Good job boys!!

Its new place

The girls seem satisfied with the new place. May it build more fond memories with the new family. So long our little hut... You'll be missed.

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