Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tarbush Restaurant - Ampang Point

It has been awhile I haven't posted on this label. Most of the time whenever we went out, I either forgot to bring along my camera or too hungry that we straight away attacked what we ordered. Recently however, I managed to snap some photos & able to blog about it.

My mom has been planning for this family dine out for quite some time. Even only with 3 children, to gather all with spouses & kids on a same day, does take time. Not every weekend is available. Finally, last weekend, all of us 3 with spouses, our parents & 7 children ( 2 babies were left at home with our helpers) went to our usual place in Ampand Point - Tarbush Restaurant.

We had always wanted to change the venue but whenever the whole of us meet, automatically this same Lebanese restaurant came to mind. It's closed by to my parents' & we just love the briyani especially the lamb served. These are what we ordered that day.

Tarbush Salad - The specialty is of course its yogurt dressing

Lamb Chop

Tiger Prawn Briyani - 1st time on our table & we loved it

Chicken Briyani

Pita Bread - The kids loved this

Mixed Grill

Grilled Prawn - Not for kids. Rather spicy

Shish Kebab - This is a must on our table. We ordered 5!

Some of our drinks - Blueberry ice blended, strawberry juice & iced lemon tea. Another hit was of course their Arabic Tea which I did not snap.

Entertaining the kids while waiting for food.

Pretty sure they didn't realise me focusing my lens.

As the saying goes " Kenyang perut, Senang hati"

Hmm... did you 2 toddlers eat?

Wonder when our next get together will be. I have nothing against the food here but it'd be great if we try out another place... ;-)


wanshana said...

The food looks good, and the serving is quite generous, I could see. Must go there one day!

It is a bit out of the way for us, but, nanti I ngushar my hubby to buat slight diversion when we go visit my sister in Keramat :)

Lovely pics!

jabishah said...

Hi Wansyana,
You can visit their other outlets too. Check their website. I did put the link in this entry.
Thanks. Enjoy your wkend...

ps- nasi bryani gam kat roundabout near GlaxoSmithKline (in Keramat)tu pun a must try...

U.Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, Ampang point? Di mana tempat ni? I used to stay at Jalan Freeman or renamed Jalan U Thant and used to go to Ampang village to eat. I'm sure the place all changed beyond my recognition.
I love the pictures of the children, really beautiful kids. And the dishes looks so good.
During my time, Ampang village, and the areas surrounding it mostly mining lands or rubber estates, as well we used to go churi tangkup ikan at Klang Gates dam there. When older bawak girlfriends there, ha ha.
Beautiful family you have, Jabishah,. Have a nice weekend, Lee.
psssst, don't forget the red lipstick, *wink*.

jabishah said...

Hi Uncle Lee,
Thanks. I love the pictures too. Esp the kids. So themselves...
You will be amazed with Ampang nowadays. The road you used to take frm Ampang village to Klang Gate is now a highway! Ampang Point is quite closed by to Ampang Jaya.Take care.

s.doublefly said...

sedap !!, xtaulah sdap sebab lapar ke apa kan, tp mmg sdap ar. suasana dia pon best.

Anonymous said...

You should check out their new look madam 5 star hotel lounge. Food quality bertambah best especially their lamb chop and shush kebab.

Anonymous said...

You should check out their new look serupa 5 star hotel lounge. Food quality bertambah best especially their lamb chop and shish kebab.