Monday, May 12, 2008

You be good my girls.

So, how was everyone's Mother's Day? Mine was tiring... but I enjoyed it. My PIL & SIL with her family came over for lunch. It's true that I'm a mom but I am also a daughter. Baked these cupcakes for my MIL & SIL bought the choc cake.

The first to wish me was HB. He woke up early & told the girls not to worry about breakfast (normally, I would get breakfast in bed). He bought "nasi lemak"... easy & fast ;-) After shower, the girls woke up & came knocking on my door. I could hear they were fussing about something. They surprised me with their gifts.

Look what the girls made for me. It was so sweet of them. Saving money to but the flowers from the school bookshop. The big castle card was from Yasmin & Wardah. They stayed up late last night just to finish that up. The photo frame was from Balqis. She did that in school with her teacher . Love you girls... Mmmuuuuah!

In the previous post I did mention that I would be away. Yes & today is the day. I can't really explain how I am truly feeling now. Very melancholy.

HB needs my support. He has a business arrangement in Dubai & I guess I'm like a charm. Hehehe! Not really, it's just that according to him when a spouse is in the picture, it is a positive sign... whatever that means.

Well, here I am getting ready to go to KLIA. It was hard departing with Yasmin & Wardah just now. They understood & half heartedly had to let me go. It is their exam week & we have done our best. Right girls? All the best to both of you. I felt like crying but held that tears real hard.

Balqis, she was cool. I had already told her a week ago. Somehow I did not have to go through the thorough interrogation. Simply told her that I have to go to work with papa. Perhaps the thought of having her grandparents around, sending her off to school & sleeping with her is far more excited.

Baby Nadeen? I'm taking her with me. Told HB, at the moment I come with a package. Glad that he understands. So this is going to be her first oversea trip. That makes me a little nervous. Hope everything goes well & I did not leave anything important things behind. Diapers, towels, extra this & that. You know how it is traveling with a baby. Even I need an extra clothing... just in case.

I will be back Saturday. Will be missing you girls that is for sure. I'm thankful that my parents are around to help. Thank you Ma, Abah. Hope you like the cupcakes.

Okay, here we go. Hold the tears!! HB needs you now. The girls are in good hands. Nothing to worry. Take a deep breath.... in & out, in & out. Goodbye my girls. Love you a lot!!!


Angelia said...

have a safe trip hunny HUGS

lizamurni said...

don't worry, i'm sure your girls are in good hands.....absence makes the heart grow fonder...

U.Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, have a pleasant trip, safe journey and Godspeed. Have fun. Lee.

jabishah said...

tx. am home now. real hot in DXB. almost 40 degree C. happy belated birthday!

jabishah said...

they sure are in good hands. being spoiled by my parents..! take care.

jabishah said...

tx uncle lee. i'm back now. will blog about it once am done with jet lag ;-)

U.Lee said...

Hello Jabishah, Had a good rest...?
Jabishah, I was looking at all your photos...I love the first one, you holding your cute daughter...and allow me to say, you sure one very attractive lady.
If you were to hold a bouquet of a dozen red roses and look in the mirror, you will see 13. Ha ha.
You stay easy and keep well, best regards, Lee.
ps, just posted something cheeky, drop in when free.